Friday, April 26, 2013

some exciting news this week

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Robert - 

This will be a historic Republican convention in Richmond on May 18th – and we are just 22 days away. I wanted to share some exciting news about Mark’s campaign for Attorney General.

On Wednesday, a conservative blogger, Willie Deutsch, released the results of his two-week long online straw poll of over 800 RPV convention delegates – and it offers some fascinating insights into Mark’s strong statewide support among grassroots conservatives:

Among the 845 RPV Convention delegates surveyed, Mark Obenshain is favored more than two-to-one by those who have settled on a candidate.

While favored by all age groups, Mark Obenshain is strongest among delegates aged 18-29 years old, 63% - 27%, with 10% undecided—with Mark carrying a full 70% of 18-29 year olds who have made up their minds.

And Mark Obenshain is leading among those who have settled on a candidate in delegate-rich areas like Northern Virginia, where he leads 62% to 38%, and Tidewater, where those who have chosen a candidate favor him 70% to 30%.

Mark’s strong showing in this online straw poll follows closely on the heels of other important developments:

At the recent YRFV convention in Arlington this past Saturday, over 300 Young Republicans attended to elect their leadership, and in a straw poll during balloting, Mark won with a stunning 86%!

A wide range of conservative leaders across the Commonwealth have endorsed Mark’s campaign, from Shaun Kenney in Fluvanna County, to Del. Ben Cline in Rockbridge County, and from Chairman Charles Hokanson in Arlington to 9th District GOP Chairman Jack Morgan, among many others.

At a recent spring jamboree, Mark won a Loudoun County straw poll nearly two-to-one, 72-40!

These encouraging signs are a result of Mark’s relentless efforts to spread his conservative message to every unit across Virginia. But most importantly, they show that the hard work of hundreds of activists across the Commonwealth, who have volunteered as “Team Obenshain” leaders for the convention, is truly paying off!

Will you join these hardworking conservatives in fighting for Mark at the convention by joining Team Obenshain today?

We have a lot to be proud of in our candidate, like successful, conservative legislation passed this session and his clear and unwavering commitment to conservative principles.  But now is the time to get involved, so please reply to this email if you have any questions, will need a ride to the convention or would like to join us. Also, you may follow Mark’s campaign on Facebook by clicking here or on Twitter by clicking here.

Won’t you take a few moments to sign up to help grow our party and achieve a win at the convention for Mark by joining “Team Obenshain” today?


Dan Letovsky
Political Director
Mark Obenshain for Attorney General


P.S. Mark, Suzanne and Tucker are fighting each and every day for our shared conservative values – will you fight alongside them by making a contribution of $5, $25 or $50 to Mark’s campaign today?

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