Saturday, April 27, 2013


Dear Robert,

Congratulations on being a elected a Delegate to the 2013 RPV State Convention!

I know that you are receiving daily emails and phone calls from the Lt. Governor and Attorney General candidates, but I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you personally.

On May 18th, thousands of folks from all across Virginia will be converging on Richmond to nominate our Republican ticket and to launch the 2013 campaign. I am looking forward to speaking to the Convention early on Saturday morning about my record as Attorney General and what I want to accomplish as our next Governor.

But before the RPV Convention gets started, there are a few things I could use your help with.

First, if you have not signed up to become a volunteer for my campaign, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment and fill out the online form by clicking here.

We are going to win this campaign one phone call, one door knock, one neighbor talking to a neighbor at a time and I could use your help.

Second, I would like to ask you to become a part of a select group of grassroots leaders by becoming a Neighborhood Leader. This core grassroots leadership team will play an important role in electing our entire ticket this fall and you can join by clicking here and checking the box: "Be a Neighborhood Leader."

Third, I want to ask you to bring a canned food item or two to the RPV Convention to support the Central Virginia Food Bank. There are a lot of families all across Virginia who are struggling right now, and I want all of us to join together to help them. We will have a collection station set up right outside the convention entrance and I hope that I can count on you to donate a couple non perishable food items.

Fourth, I want you to attend the Convention in Richmond next month and cheer on the candidates you are supporting for Lt. Governor and Attorney General with as much enthusiasm as you can. But, when the final ballot has been cast and we have nominated our entire ticket, I need you to join our united team. We can win this year, but only if we leave Richmond on May 18th united and ready to take our message of opportunity to the people of Virginia.

I look forward to seeing you in Richmond for the RPV State Convention next month.


Ken Cuccinelli II
Virginia Attorney General


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