Thursday, February 2, 2012

Urgent Action Alert: Contact Your Senator Tonight!

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Victoria Cobb, President
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Urgent Action Alert: Opponents Plan to Undermine Property Rights

We have learned tonight from Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg) that opponents to a property rights amendment to the state Constitution will attempt a legislative maneuver tomorrow that would kill the bill.

Please contact your Senator TONIGHT and tell them to pass the amendment and reject any attempt to refer the amendment to the Senate Finance Committee.

The legislation that would put the amendment on the ballot, SJ 3, passed out of the Senate Privileges and Elections committee two days ago 13-2. The legislation should be voted on by the full Senate Monday. Senator Obenshain is reporting that there will be an effort tomorrow to refer the legislation to the Senate Finance committee where it will die. We have come to far to allow this to happen!

To amend the Virginia Constitution, the General Assembly must pass a resolution in the exact same language over two sessions with an intervening election before going to the voters to ratify. Last year, immense grassroots pressure overwhelmed the special interests and the local/big government lobby, and the resolution passed the General Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support. Now, opponents to property rights, including local governments and some in the General Assembly, are planning to play procedural games to keep the amendment off of this November's ballot because they KNOW the people would adopt it by overwhelming numbers. They are doing all they can to keep you from protecting your property.

This is a fundamental right, firmly enshrined in the Virginia Constitution at our founding. Without the protection of our property, our other rights are vulnerable. If the government can take our property, there is nothing it can’t take and there is no limit to its size, growth, scope and power.

Now, we are very close to enacting this fundamental right in the Virginia Constitution and opponents are desperate to do anything to stop it.  Virginians elected more Conservatives to the state Senate to ensure that this kind of political game doesn't happen.

Action: Contact your Senator before 10 am Friday and tell them to reject any attempts at referring SJ 3 to the Senate Finance Committee!

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