Monday, February 27, 2012

VA-ALERT: Action Item for background checks!

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As many of you are painfully aware, background checks for gun purchases have been anything but instant for the last several years. Many people have been delayed DAYS and even WEEKS! The situation had continued to deteriorate throughout 2011.

VCDL had a bill put in by Senator Black to allow dealers to use the free federal National Instant Check System for long guns to take the load off the State Police. Other bills were put it with similar intent and VCDL backed those bills as well.

The General Assembly decided to carry those bills over until next year and to allocate more money to the State Police solely for firearm background checks. In essence the State Police were given one year to get their act together so that "instant checks" are once more "instant." If not, those carried over bills would come back and the State Police would be taken out of the picture.

To fix the broken Instant Check System, a block of money has been allocated for the State Police in the budgets proposed by both the House and the Senate. The problem is that the House version has only allocated half of what the Senate has allocated. This is probably a mistake on the part of the House, but whether it is or not, we need the Senate budget amount to be the one that makes it.

To that end, VCDL needs you to send an email to your Senate and to your Delegate, urging them to support the Senate version of the budged for the State Police Firearms Transaction Center (FTC).

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Let's roll!

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