Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obama's latest campaign lie

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February 08, 2012
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Tonight on GBTV: Do you believe in miracles? Glenn shows what America needs to do to avoid collapse. Don't miss that and so much more tonight at 5pm only on GBTV! Check out Glenn's PREVIEW.

FREE GBTV! Last week three of Glenn's most important shows aired on GBTV: George Soros & Collapse, One Year Later: The Global Caliphate, and Growing Evil: The Rise of Secular Fundamentalism. These are shows that Glenn wants you to share with your friends & family, and now you can — FREE! Here is the second free episode (last Wednesday's show). One year ago Glenn said the protests in Tunisia and Egypt would sweep the Middle East and lead to the rise of radical Islamist powers. Where are we now? What's next? WATCH AND SHARE! We will release the final episode tomorrow in this very newsletter - stay tuned!

Santorum sweeps 3 states
Just a few short weeks ago former United States Senator Rick Santorum was polling in single digits - now he's shaken up the race and currently sits at #2 in the delegate tally. He's still behind significantly when looking ahead to future big days like Super Tuesday - can he pull it off? Glenn reacts and explains why people are suddenly turning to Santorum. WATCH

'TODAY' admits Glenn was right?
Did the Today Show admit Glenn was right about Europe's economic collapse? Not explicitly but indirectly as they ran a report that sounded like it could have been written by Glenn himself: Greece in a 'death spiral' looks like a 'war zone' energy crisis and $10/gallon gas - all adds up to exactly what Glenn has been predicting for years. See the clip and Glenn's reaction.

What is the new food item that's 1,081 calories of pure bacon-y goodness? Find out HERE.

Glenn's interview with Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined Glenn on radio for reaction to the surge by Santorum. What does it mean and why does she think people are turning towards Santorum? Plus, Bachmann weighs in on Obama's attack on the Catholic Church. Check out the interview.

War on Faith: Is the government declaring war on your faith? WATCH

Obama brazenly flip flops on Super PAC promise
President Obama strongly scolded Democratic dirtbag John Edwards during the 2008 Presidential campaign for having his former senior political adviser running his Super Pac. But a little time makes a lot of difference - four years later President Obama doesn't really seem to have that much of an issue with former advisers running his Super Pac. Glenn reacts on radio today

If You Liked "The Snow Angel"….
Glenn handpicked a young writer named Nicole Baart to help tell his deeply personal story in The Snow Angel.  She did an amazing job, and now Nicole has a new novel of her own. Far From Here explores the fine balance between devastation and beauty when a young wife is forced to cope with her husband's disappearance. It's a breathtaking story about true love, new beginnings, and finding the truth…at all costs. Check out the trailer and get your copy today.

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What's a Warrior Dash 
Mercury One is having a fundraiser…but not just any kind of fundraiser, they're raising money for Restoring Love by having a few (un)lucky Mercury employees race in something called a Warrior Dash. How did Stu find himself participating in this fundraiser from hell? Why is Glenn promoting an email address called Get all the details and watch Glenn and Pat react to Stu's claim that Warrior Dash "won't be that hard."

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More GBTV: 
  • Real News: From the people who brought us the infamous "Bridge To Nowhere" comes…more of the same. Tonight, Real News from The Blaze goes 'pork-busting' – Don't miss it! 7pm ET on GBTV.
  • Are you prepared?  Frank decides an underground bunker is a must for storage and survival off the grid. Don't miss a brand new episode of GBTV's reality show Independence USA TONIGHT at 8pm ET as Frank and Adam begin construction. Are they in over their heads? If you missed last week's episode -  you can watch it on demand!
  • The B.S. of A. moving to Thursdays: GBTV's chief humorist, Brian Sack, has been given a mandate: To stay objective, rational and witty as he takes on the news of the day through a comedic lens. Catch an all new episode tomorrow at 8pm ET. Behold the Nanny State - how does the B.S. of A. see it? WATCH
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