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Opt Out of Mandatory Text Messages from Barack Obama

My HB 109 will be heard tomorrow, February 9, 2012 in the Commerce & Labor Committee 1/2 hour after the adjournment of the House.  HB 109 requires all providers of wireless service electing to transmit emergency alerts through the federal Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN) to offer its Virginia subscribers the capability of opting out of the receipt of Presidential Alerts on their mobile devices. Federal law requires wireless carriers to give subscribers the option to block Child Abduction Emergency/AMBER Alerts or Imminent Threat Alerts, but does not allow Presidential Alerts to be blocked. The President wants to send to all cell phones in the U.S. text messages warning of impending danger. One recent test in December of 2011 in New Jersey sent cell phone users scrambling to learn more of a non-existent threat. Additional tests will follow in 2012. The texts will override all other texts and all major wireless carriers have agreed to participate. Minors could receive unsolicited alerts which could frighten them. My bill will require Virginia cell phone companies to provide an opt out for presidential messages. 
Please contact the members of the Commerce & Labor Committee (see bottom) and ask them to vote for HB 109. 
Transparency for College & University Foundations 
I have 4 bills coming up tomorrow in the General Laws Committee which will prohibit state universities from using Foundation funds to defend against Freedom of Information Act lawsuits or require disclosure of how the Foundation funds are received.  HB815, HB816, HB817 and HB818  will be heard either tomorrow or Friday in the General Laws Committee. 
I introduced these bills because the University of Virginia first denied me documents I requested under FOIA, saying they did not exist. Later the University admitted in court that the documents did exist but they fought against turning them over. When I asked for the documents after learning they did in fact exist, I was told I would need to pay around $8000 and the University subsequently sued, refusing to turn over the documents. All the papers involved research by global warming scientist, Michael Mann, of now debunked hockey stick graph fame. Since Foundation funding can be used by a university to sue against turning over public documents, I thought the public had a right to know the sources of Foundation money. There are disclosure laws allowing the public to know the sources of lobbyist’s funds, campaign donations, etc. In the interest of improving such transparency, I believe citizens should also have a right to know the sources of university Foundation money, especially if engaged in political and legal battles. 
Please contact the General Laws Committee members listed below and ask them to support HB815, HB816, HB817 and HB818 to provide for increased transparency and accountability in government. 
Thank you so much for your support! 
Delegate Bob Marshall 
General Laws-HB 815, 816, 817 & 818 
Chairman Chris Jones                804-698-1076       
Delegate Dave Albo                804-698-1042       
Delegate Tommy Wright        804-698-1061       
Delegate Sal Iaquinto                804-698-1084       
Delegate Todd Gilbert                804-698-1015       
Delegate Chris Peace                804-698-1097       
Delegate Rich Anderson        804-698-1051       
Delegate Tag Greason                804-698-1032       
Delegate Barry Knight                804-698-1081       
Delegate Jim LeMunyon        804-698-1067       
Delegate John Cox                804-698-1055       
Delegate Gordon Helsel        804-698-1091       
Delegate Peter Farrell                804-698-1056       
Delegate Michael Watson        804-698-1093       
Delegate Larry Rush                804-698-1007       
Delegate Jeion Ward                804-698-1092       
Delegate Rosalyn Dance        804-698-1063       
Delegate David Bulova                804-698-1037       
Delegate Matthew James        804-698-1080       
Delegate Betsy Carr                804-698-1069       
Delegate Luke Torian                804-698-1052       
Delegate Delores McQuinn        804-698-1070       
Commerce & Labor-HB 109 
Chairman Terry Kilgore        804-698-1001       
Delegate Harry Purkey                804-698-1082       
Delegate Kathy Byron                804-698-1022       
Delegate Lee Ware                804-698-1065       
Delegate Tim Hugo                804-698-1040       
Delegate Tom Rust                804-698-1086       
Delegate Danny Marshall        804-698-1014       
Delegate Ben Cline                804-698-1024       
Delegate Jackson Miller        804-698-1050       
Delegate Don Merricks                804-698-1016       
Delegate Manoli Loupassi        804-698-1068       
Delegate John Cosgrove        804-698-1078       
Delegate Rob Bell                804-698-1058       
Delegate Barbara Comstock        804-698-1034       
Delegate Gregory Habeeb        804-698-1008       
Delegate Joe Johnson                804-698-1004       
Delegate Johnny Joannou        804-698-1079                none 
Delegate Kenny Alexander        804-698-1089       
Delegate Jennifer McClellan        804-698-1071       
Delegate Jeion Ward                804-698-1092       
Delegate Lynwood Lewis        804-698-1000       
Delegate Roslyn Tyler                804-698-1075       
Contact Information:
703-361-5416 (office and fax)
703-853-4213 (cell) (preferred)
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 421
Manassas, VA 20108

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