Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Law student argues for college funded birth control (VIDEO)

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February 29, 2012
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Tonight on GBTV: Glenn responds to Canada's 'co-parenting' government nanny state and how it's happening here - PLUS Glenn interviews the one the only Ted Nugent! Don't miss a second tonight at 5pm only on GBTV!

Real News: President Obama has come under fire for ignoring the needs of the faith-based community in recent weeks, and now it is being reported that his faith council is in disarray. How will this impact his campaign in the weeks and months to follow? The Real News panel will discuss that and more tonight at 7pm ET (or on demand) – Only on GBTV Plus.

GBTV Next Generation Internship: We are looking for forward, out of the box thinkers to intern for GBTV. If you like what you see on network TV, this internship is NOT for you. But, if you want to be a part of the creative destruction of TV as you know it (and not the kind the left accuses Glenn of) we want to hear from you. Get all the details on the internship HERE.  

Obama loves Chevy Volt
Obama loves the Chevy Volt! Of course, the Secret Service won't let him actually drive one, possibly because they are incredibly unsafe and unreliable and tend to burst into flames when used. But other than that, pretty cool! The President and the tens of tens of Americans who have also bought one can attest to just how cool they are! Glenn's take on the Volt HERE.

6 Hours in Greece – TOMORROW: A few weeks ago when Glenn visited the Vatican to meet with high ranking Catholic officials, he decided to make a last minute visit to Athens, Greece. What he saw there was a scary preview of what could be coming to the rest of the world as socialism grows and spreads. This mini-documentary of Glenn's visit will be airing tomorrow during the Glenn Beck Program (live at 5pm or on demand) on GBTV.

Irony alert: Obama accuses others of rewriting history
This is a pretty hi-larious claim coming from the guy whose wife literally says it's time to rewrite history and change our traditions. Maybe Obama is just mad because others are rewriting what he wanted to rewrite? That is unclear, but what is clear is that Barack Obama is sleeping with the unions. Why is Obama upset? Find out HERE.

Glenn's epic takedown of the female Wilt Chamberlain 
This contraception debate is getting wildly out of control. The latest from a student speaking out in support of the healthcare mandate is just mind boggling. She talks about how her college must pay for her birth control and claims she needs enough to cover the equivalent of 3 sexual encounters per day. That means this student is having sex at a rate that would make Wilt Chamberlain very proud. This student should have never taken the mic - but she did, and the result is an epic radio segment. WATCH

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Romney wins - but was it a win?
Rick Santorum saw his momentum come to a grinding halt when Mitt Romney squeaked out a victory in his home state of Michigan. But despite losing by 3% in the popular vote, Santorum is dead even with Romney in delegate count (13 to 13) with 4 still yet to be finalized. Does it matter? Does Romney's popular vote win crush the momentum no matter what the delegate count is? Glenn has more on radio today.

Photo of the Day: A little reminder popping up at some of America's gas pumps – LOOK

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Independence USA: Frank and Adam are determined to add a wind turbine to the property to generate electricity but the idea does not sit well with Kim. The family works together to make their Bunker a livable space but will working in such tight quarters together take its toll on them?PREVIEW. Don't miss GBTV's reality show - Independence USA TONIGHT! PLUS stay updated on all the baby goat action as the family goats could be having babies any day. Watch the countdown in the FREE Live Goat Cam!
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