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VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 1/18/14

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1. Lobby Day is Monday and the weather is going to be nice!
2. Pro-gun bills move forward, anti-gun bills crash and burn

1. Lobby Day is Monday and the weather is going to be nice!

It's supposed to be around 60 degrees on Lobby Day - I can't wait!

If you are interested in carpooling, visit the Lobby Day Page on Facebook:

And for those in Richmond on Sunday, don't forget about the pre-Lobby Day dinner:

The dinner is being held at 6:30 PM on Sunday, January 19, at:

Hibachi Sushi and Supreme Buffet (Westland Shopping Center)
8087 W Broad St.
Richmond VA 23294

The dinner is open to the public, so come and join us!

2. Pro-gun bills move forward, anti-gun bills hit the round filing cabinet

I love the smell of napalm in the morning! Oh, wait, that burning smell is coming from the anti-gun bills destroyed in the Militia, Police, and Public Safety Subcommittee #1 on Thursday night! ;-)

On Friday morning the full committee passed all the bills that came out of the subcommittee, so they are now on their way to the House Floor.

Only one pro-gun bill is dead as of now - Delegate Campbell's bill that extends constitutional carry to both open and concealed carry, was pulled most probably because of constitutional issues (only applied to Virginia residents, which was probably an equal protection issue).

Here is the status of the bills:

Killed in committee, stricken (pulled from consideration - dead), or carried over until next year (will not be brought up again until next year):

HB 61, McQuinn, prohibits long gun sales to non-residents, STRUCK
HB 448, Rob Bell, restoration of firearm rights, CARRIED OVER FOR THE YEAR
HB 535, Plum, non-existent "Gun Show Loophole" bill, KILLED
HB 639, Campbell, extends constitutional carry to include both open and concealed, STRICKEN
HB 695, Torian, restricts safety courses that can be used to get a CHP, KILLED
HB 809, Lopez, bans magazines that will hold more than 20 rounds, KILLED
HB 812, Lopez, universal background checks, KILLED
HB 823, Lopez, private sale background check at gun show, KILLED
HB 828, Minchew, specifies a CHP instructor must be a firearms instructor, KILLED
HB 992, BaCote, library gun ban, KILLED
HB 1055, Bulova, specifies a CHP instructor must be a firearms instructor, KILLED
HB 1142, Simon, specifies a CHP instructor must be a firearms instructor, KILLED
HB 1145, Rush, restoration of firearm rights, CARRIED OVER FOR THE YEAR

Bills passed out of committee and on the way to the Floor of the House:

HB 357, Anderson, allows a CHP holder to see his own records in the Circuit Court Clerk's office
HB 962, Cline, codifies that a person can have a handgun in a closed compartment or container in a vehicle without a CHP
HB 705, Gilbert, makes CHPs from all other states valid in Virginia - NH, GA, and CO will honor VA for starters
HB 878, LaRock, requires a Chief Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on Form 4s for Class III purchases
HB 100, Lingamfelter, allows Clerks to release non-sensitive CHP information only from 2004 through 2008 records, with that release ending completely within 4 years.

Voting pro-gun on the above bills In subcommittee: Delegates Wright (Chairman), Gilbert, Webert, and Fariss

Voting pro-gun in the full committee: Lingamfelter (Chairman), Wright, Cline, Gilbert, Morefield, Edmunds, Wilt, Webert, Morris, Fariss, O'Quinn, Head, Rush, Fowler, Berg

Voting anti-gun on the above bills in subcommittee: Delegate Tyler

Voting anti-gun in the full committee: Filler-Corn, Hope, Surovell, Kory, Lopez, Simon

Lots of good and bad bills have yet to be heard, but they, too, will have their day soon.

You can always check the status of all the gun bills using the 2014 Legislative Tracking Tool on the VCDL web site

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