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Bills on Privacy, Gun Rights, Energy Compacts up Monday

I introduced HB 17 which requires that that police obtain a warrant if they track your cell phone: See:; and HB 325 which creates a right of privacy for your metadata, text messages, location data, a right to sue if a government agency discloses your electronic identity and you are harmed by that disclosure. 
My HB 43 is coming up before a Courts SubCommittee Monday, January 20.  It will protect Virginia gun owners against an over-reaching federal government.  
HB 43 prohibits state and local government employees from helping the federal government enforce any gun control passed after December 1, 2013. That means no federal magazine bans, no semi-automatic weapon bans, etc.  will be enforced by VA.  Virginia co-operation with federal officials for Federal gun laws passed before 12/1/13 is unaffected.  
Please ask the members of the Courts Committee to vote for these bills and ask your friend to do the same! Thank you.
Albo, David B. (Chair) / 804-698-1042 /
Bell, Robert B. (VChair) / 804-698-1058 /
Campbell, Jeffrey / 804- 698-1006 /
Chafin, A. Benton, Jr. / 804-698-1004 /
Cline, Benjamin L. / 804- 698-1024 /
Gilbert, C. Todd / 804-698-1015 /
Habeeb, Gregory D. / 804- 698-1008 /
Herring, Charniele L. / 804-698-1046 /
Hope, Patrick A.  / 804-698-1047 /
Keam, Mark L.  / 804-698-1035 /
Kilgore, Terry G.  / 804-698-1001 /
Leftwich, James A., Jr / 804-698-1078. /
Loupassi, Manoli  / 804-698-1068 /
Mason, T. Montgomery / 804-698-1093 /
McClellan, Jennifer / 804-698-1071 /
Miller, Jackson H.  / 804-698-1050 /
Minchew, Randy / 804-698-1010 /
Morris, Richard L. / 804-698-1064 /
Toscano, David J. / 804-698-1057 /
Villanueva, Ronald / 804-698-1021 /
The June, 2013 NSA disclosures by Edward Snowden, made clear that the National Security Agency has engaged in massive, society-wide spying on the phone calls, records, Internet searches, and credit card purchase information of hundreds of millions of Americans.  
Jim Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, lied to a US Senate Committee about this without any penalties. Congress will not protect us from the police surveillance state they have authorized largely under Section 215 of the Patriot Act and paid for with your tax money.
It is highly likely that a national database of firearms owners is being compiled by the NSA or FBI in violation of federal law, 18 USC 926.  The NSA and FBI have direct access to server systems of Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Skype.
Top companies with NSA Intelligence contracts gave $3.7 million in donations to House and Senate Congressional oversight committee members from 2005 through 2013 according to Maplight.  
On January 3, 2014  US Senator Bernie Sanders asked NSA head General Keith Alexander, “Has NSA spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other elected officials ... gathering metadata on calls made from official or personal phones, content from websites visited or emails sent ...”  
NSA responded on January 4, “Members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all U. S. persons.”  That is to say, none.  
Will Congressmen who are presented with embarrassing phone taps or email records of themselves or their staff try to rein in the NSA from Fourth Amendment breaches?  No!
Ex CIA Director McLaughlin did not understand the  “... outrage over the NSA’s collection of telephone calling records ... I don’t know why anyone would have greater confidence in this information being held by private companies.”   
There is a difference.  Our contracts with Verizon, etc. allow us to sue if private information is disclosed.  Since 9/11 some police units now operate less like traditional peace officers and more like military assault teams.  Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Sprint are not so equipped.  
Cell phone companies do not conduct unannounced home raids without knocking on doors conducted by body armor clad, automatic-rifle bearing police, or set up road blocks.  Government officials confiscate your bank accounts and they can sell your home if you are behind $250 on your property taxes.   
I have introduced two bills which are before the House of Delegates Courts subcommittees on Monday January 20th  to protect you from NSA and other spying assisted by state agencies and large corporations.  
The Obama Administration has been creative finding excuses for NOT tapping the vast energy resources of the United States, with serious consequences for our economy and national security.
I have introduced two measures which would create Interstate Compacts to return control of oil, gas and coal productions to the several states.   The US Constitution (Art. 1, Sect 10, C3. 3) provides, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress ...  enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State ...”   
HB 140 Establishes a Multistate coal compact that allows member states that mine, process, market, or sell coal or coal-related products to facilitate best industry practices and to more effectively coordinate the mining, processing, marketing, and sales of coal and coal-related products and to suspend the operation of contrary federal laws.
HB 155 Creates the Interstate Offshore Energy Compact to secure the right of member states to execute leases to produce and develop oil and natural gas resources three miles or more off the Atlantic shorelines of their respective states and to suspend the operation of any conflicting federal laws, rules, regulations, and orders within their states.
Many members of Congress claim they would like to get around the strangling energy production regulations of the misnamed Environmental Protection Agency.  They claim their hands are tied.  My bills will give them a chance to show they are serious by approving such compacts which are no different than Congress exempting Amish from Social Security or exempting favored Obama supporters from his misnamed Affordable care act.
HB 140 and 155 are up tomorrow morning January 20 before a House Privileges and Elections subcommittee.  Please contact these members ASAP.  Thank you.
Cole, Mark L. (Chair) / 804-698-1088 /
Howell, Algie T., Jr. /  804-698-1090 /
Hugo, Timothy D. /  804-698-1040 /
Joannou, Johnny S. /  804-698-1079 /
Landes, R. Steven /  804-698-1025 /
Miller, Jackson (VC) /  804-698-1050 /
Ramadan, David I. /  804-698-1087 /
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