Saturday, January 18, 2014


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Dear Robert--

Cathy and I want to thank you again for your tremendous outpouring of support on Thursday when I announced my Senate campaign. Whether it’s donating, committing to being a delegate in Roanoke on June 7th, or signing up to volunteer, we appreciate it very much.

And people are taking notice. In part because of your enthusiasm, the myth that incumbent Senator Mark Warner is unbeatable is crumbling. After the photos, take a look at some highlights from the coverage during the first few days of our campaign.


Ed For Senate

USA Today: Ex-GOP chairman Ed Gillespie declares Va. Senate bid
In his campaign video, Gillespie stressed his humble roots — working at his parents' grocery store and helping to pay for his tuition at Catholic University by parking cars in the Senate — and rise to the White House's West Wing as a counselor to President George W. Bush.

Politico: Ed Gillespie to announce Senate bid
Until Gillespie first expressed interest last month, Warner was expected to skate to a second term. But Gillespie’s acumen as a strategist and fundraiser now puts Virginia on the map of marquee 2014 contests.

Business Insider: The Virginia Senate Race Just Became A Lot More Interesting

News-Virginian: Gillespie says it's the right time

He said Friday that his decision to seek the Republican nomination and oppose incumbent Sen. Mark Warner was "the right thing to do."

Gillespie said his decision was correct "if you believe the things I do and love our country and commonwealth and have that desire. I believe Sen. Warner has not voted in the interests of the country and commonwealth. We need to do things different and get different results in our economy, our health care and our energy economy. I feel like it was the right time for me to do this."

The Hill: Gillespie puts Va. in play for GOP

Washington Post: Battle lines drawn in Va. Senate race as Ed Gillespie launches bid against Mark Warner
Republicans are hoping that the campaign will be anything but low-key and that Gillespie’s candidacy will put what could have been a backwater race on the map of battleground contests — with fundraising totals and grass-roots enthusiasm to match.

… “Ed has a credible voice on the issues, and people know he can run a grass-roots campaign,” said Dan Allen, a Republican campaign consultant.

Jennifer Rubin: Ed Gillespie enters the Virginia senate race
He touches base with conservatives in talking about restoration of “Constitutional principles,” and echoes the themes of current conservative reformers…

As a known figure in the state, Gillespie will help excite and reunite the party activists.

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