Thursday, January 30, 2014

Big Business/NSA has Your Cell Phone Data...

Dear Fellow Patriots, 

Please contact the members of the Rules Committee in support of my HJ4 to study the Constitutionality of the warrantless searches being conducted by the NSA of Virginians online, cell phone and telephone activities and to make recommendations as to how Virginia can protect itself from these activities.

The revelations made by Edward Snowden show us that Americans really have no secrets.  The government and many companies are constantly collecting vast amounts of sensitive personal information.  Many companies sell this data to third parties - including online advertisers, data brokers, and third party apps - in ways that most people to do not realize and this could cause them harm.
  • Many websites incorporate up to 100 tracking tools that collect very personal information like age, gender, race, income, health concerns and recent purchases for third party advertising and marketing companies when consumers visit webpages.  Profiles of personal information are bought and sold on stock-market-like exchanges like Rubicon.
  • Third party data broker companies buy, sell, and trade personal information obtained from mobile phones, financial institutions, social media sites, and other online and brick and mortar companies.
  • Many mobile applications are sharing personal information, such as location information, unique phone identification numbers, and age, gender, and other personal details of both adults and children with third party companies.   Women and children have been hurt or killed when cell providers or applications collected and then shared location data with abusers.
  • Facebook apps used by a consumer’s “friends” can often access sensitive information about that consumer, including religious, political, and sexual preferences.
  • Companies tracking and collecting information about purchases and activities, online and off, are using it in ways people do not expect or want. Target revealed a woman’s pregnancy before she told her family. Americans have lost jobs and been denied mortgages when data brokers shared incorrect information and scammers use data broker lists to target vulnerable populations like seniors.
We need to take a closer look at these violations of our privacy.  Please ask the members below to support HJ 4.
GAB Phone (804)
Cox, M. Kirkland (Vice Chair)
Habeeb, Gregory D.
Howell, Algie T., Jr.
Howell, William J. (Chair)
Ingram, Riley E.
Joannou, Johnny S.
Jones, S. Chris
Kilgore, Terry G.
Knight, Barry D.
Landes, R. Steven
Massie, James P. (Jimmie), III
Orrock, Robert D., Sr.
Plum, Kenneth R.
Toscano, David J.
Ware, R. Lee, Jr.


Contact Information:
703-853-4213 (cell) (preferred)
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 421
Manassas, VA 20108

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