Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What a night

Friend --

Both Ted Cruz and Ken Cuccinelli told Virginia to hold firm onto our values at The Family Foundation's Annual Gala in Richmond.

Ted Cruz said that the Obama administration is the most hostile to religious freedom our country has ever experienced.

After he said that, the crowd errupted into applause!

You can see it in the video below.

You'll also see that Planned Parenthood showed up to protest us and said our values are "extremist"!

And get this: the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, stood with Planned Parenthood and against women to protest our values that protect life and liberty.

He wasn't the only elected official to protest us. Senator Donald McEachin told Virginia that he stands against women and family values, too.

But when I looked around the room of 1,200 conservative Virginians, I was reminded that the virtue of protecting life, family and freedom is truly a Virginian value.

After you watch the video, I hope you'll leave a comment telling me what you think!

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb
President, The Family Foundation

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