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Area Events - Trevor Loudon Tonite

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Trevor Loudon at Candidate Event, Thurs 10/10

World War II Memorial Rally, Sun 10/13

Heritage Action Skills Training, Mon 10/14

Junk Science Perverts Public Policy, Thurs 10/17

State Tea Party Conference, Nov 15-17   * EARLY BIRD EXPIRES 10/19 *


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Trevor Loudon at Candidate Event, Thurs 10/10  

Purple Heart recipient Jeff Engle spoke at our meeting Tuesday night.  He is a conservative independent who supports Tea Party core values - limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility. (ATP does not endorse candidates, but supports those who support our values.)


You are invited to the following event:  


Trevor Loudon is back in DC and we've got him!



Meet & Greet Candidate Jeffrey Engle w/ Speaker & Author Trevor Loudon  


Thursday, October 10, 2013 from
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)  


TJ Stones Restaurant 

608 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, VA 22314 


Come meet Jeffrey Engle, Candidate for 45th District Delegate of Virginia and listen to Trevor Loudon discuss his new book, "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress". This event is free to join and seating is limited, so please rsvp as soon as possible!


Jeffrey Engle is a Purple Heart recipient, highly decorated combat veteran, political scholar and certified emergency manager whose principles make him a strong advocate for effective governance, efficient expenditure and fulfilling the legislative obligations that our state and federal lawmakers have made.  


Trevor says, "I'm a libertarian activist and political researcher from Christchurch New Zealand. He believes in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility. His ideal society is one in which government is confined to protecting its citizens from criminals and external enemies.Trevor believes in working with all those who are moving in broadly the same direction. He is also the founder and editor of, a rapidly growing website with the goal of unlocking the covert side of U.S. and Global politics.


Trevor Loudon will be signing books and they are for sale at $30.00 each. A full food menu is available for individual purchase and can be found at: . Free parking in the lot directly across the street from TJ Stones, on Montgomery St. Plenty of street parking as well.  


Jeffrey Engle's page:


Trevor Loudon's page:

Additional pages:



We have less than 30 days left in Jeff's race and his opponent Rob Krupicka, a Progressive, is running for re-election and one day hopes to become Governor of Virginia. We cannot let that happen! We know what the affects are from socialism, progressivism and communism, and we know just how dangerous they are to life, liberty and our right to pursue happiness. Obama and his cronies are giving us a sneak peak at what they have in store for us. Trust me, the Memorial shutdown debacle is just the beginning...  


Come meet Jeffrey Engle, a decorated veteran of the United States Army, who served with elite Special Operations Forces and earned numerous awards for combat and service, including: two Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, the Combat Action Badge, the Military Freefall Parachutists Badge and many others, and consider supporting him in this critical race for the 45th District Delegate of Virginia.  


*Direct link to the invitation:


Have questions about Meet & Greet Candidate Jeffrey Engle w/ Speaker & Author Trevor Loudon? Contact Lauren Friedman  


In Liberty!

Lauren Friedman-Mead





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 World War II Memorial Rally, Sun 10/13


From Arlington Tea Party -

Friends, to join this protest, meet at 9 am this Sunday, the 13th, at the World War II Memorial

To quote Ms. Ruth of the Washington Times, those protesters will include those "with various connections to the military, either as children of veterans, spouses of veterans or those who have served themselves, who are outraged and deeply disappointed that individuals who have served in the military have been blocked from the memorials honoring their service across the country."

 For further info on this grassroots protest event and to see others' comments, go to:



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Heritage Action Skills Training, Mon 10/14


We hope you will take advantage of our upcoming FREE training this Monday evening and PLEASE INVITE A FRIEND!  Have an email list or a blog? Copy this message or share this link:

Monday, October 14, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Green Acres Center 
4401 Sideburn Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

This course is free of charge but advance registration is required: Heritage Action Skills Clinic Registration


You will learn valuable skills necessary to help amplify your voice not only in Washington, D.C., but on a local level too! Learn the skills necessary to both help get your candidate elected to office as well as how to hold them accountable once they are elected! We'll make sense out of the jumble of social media, give you strategies for meeting with and influencing your Congressman, and explain how the Heritage Action Sentinel program can benefit you! 

Session Topics include:

  • Networking: With other local activists to create more effective teams in your area.
  • Print Media Impact:  How to write an effective letter to the editor AND get it published!
  • Understanding and using Social Media: Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Twitter Training: For new and advanced users! Get started, build and deploy a Twitter Army
  • Legislative Training: Using the Heritage Action Dashboard and other resources to Hold Congress Accountable. We will also cover how to arrange and plan an effective meeting with your Congressman.

Heritage Action for America is the ACTION arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation.



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Junk Science Perverts Public Policy, Thurs 10/17


RSVP to John Droz <>

Upcoming DC presentation on the Hill, sponsored by the House Science, Space and Technology committee.


This is an exceptional talk, that discusses topics rarely (if ever) broached to Congressional members and their staff.


For those more focused on economics, this is all about how the perversion of Science leads to inferior economic policies. Knowing the false-science tactics of your opponents can be quite helpful in effectively stopping their bad behavior.


As you know, some of the most pressing national issues are in the environmental and energy arenas. They include such significant matters as global warming, renewable energy, and sea level rise.

In our view, government policies on all of these technical matters should be based on genuine Scientific assessments. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case, as real Science has been under siege by lobbyists promoting their clients' economic and/or political agendas.

The typical consequence of not basing technical policies on Science are that: 

   1) the results are far less than promised, 

   2) the costs are much higher than expected, and 

   3) there are many unintended consequences - like a net loss in jobs.


My talk is about how Science is being subtly but successfully undermined across the board, from our education system to the media - yet almost no one realizes the magnitude of what is going on. This has profoundly adverse consequences on our economy, national security, and freedoms.


Thursday, October 17th in Washington DC, on Capitol Hill, inRayburn 2325.

It is being sponsored by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. 

To make this more accessible, two identical presentations will be given, each a 45 minute slideshow, followed by a Q&A. The first will be at 11:00 AM, and the second at 1:00 PM.

Lunch will be available between presentations, from noon to 1 PM. This Panera lunch is graciously provided by Utah's Deseret Power Cooperative.


This is an apolitical event, as whether attendees are Democrats or Republicans, Progressives or Conservatives, is irrelevant to the information presented about Science, education, and employment.


Please consider attending this unique presentation to US legislators and their staff, which is open to the public. 


Please pass this information onto other science-oriented contacts you have.

Let me know any questions, or ways you can help support this important event.



Right now this is still scheduled for the 17th (a week from Thursday), but (as you know) DC is in a state of flux. I will keep you posted if there is any change in date or time.


Looking forward to receiving your RSVP.


- John Droz, jr., physicist & environmental advocate



PS - If you may be able to attend, please email me back the following RSVP.



We are expecting a good attendance, so reservations would be appreciated. With your RSVP we will do our best to divide up the attendance between the two times offered, to maximize everyone's comfort, and to make sure that we have adequate food for those wanting lunch.

Yes, I am planning on attending the Science presentation on October 17th, in Rayburn 2325. Regarding the two different times that it is being given:

  ____ the 11:00 AM time is much better for me

  ____ the 1:00 PM time is much better for me

  ____ either 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM time is OK for me [we will get back to you which will be less crowded]

  ____ I would appreciate lunch (served from Noon and 1:00 PM, between presentations)

  ____ I would like to help with this event by:

 [Please email this back to me, ASAP]




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State Tea Party Conference, Nov 15-17 


November 15-17th VTPP Federation TPAC Conference

(this is VTPP's annual conference open to all Tea Party members)

Dates: November 15-17th

Location: Doubletree by Hilton, 1021 Koger Center Blvd., Richmond, VA (In Midlothian area)

Registration/Hotel Link:




"Changing the Rules of the Game"

Ready to take action to save our Republic? Run out of ides? Please join with like-minded folks from across the state at the 4th annual Tea Party Action Conference. It is time to change the rules of the game! Breakout sessions include hands on workshops and the networking is great!


Preview of conference topics:

- Self Governance Training (nominal additional fee.)

- Crisis Management; Rules for Radicals; The Art of War

- Grow your Group and Its Influence; Best Practices

- Community Engagement

- Maintaining our Conservative Majority

- Effective Communications

- Introduction to becoming a candidate

- Liberty Amendments workshop

- Personal Preparedness; Guns, Grub, Gold

- Elections: 2013 wrap up; 2014 preview

- Meet the 2014 US Senate candidates


 DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond Midlothian,  1021 Koger Center Boulevard Richmond VA 23235

 November 15th, 6pm  through November 17th, noon (Self Governance Level I class begins at 1pm on Fri. Nov 15th )


Earlybird tickets on sale now through October 19th

To purchase tickets and to make hotel reservations at our special $83 single rate (Plus taxes) 






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