Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Big Lie - How Progressives are stealing our state and union.

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From: Gene Underwood
Date: Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 8:24 PM
Subject: FW: Lies

*The Virginia Gubernatorial election is being bought by "progressive"
forces from outside the state.  The lies are so blatant and so persistent
that I am constantly reminded of the rise of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi
Party.  "Tell a big lie and tell it often enough and eventually, everyone
will believe it" was his credo.  It actually worked as you well know.
McAuliffe was the Democratic Party's top fundraiser.  He has brought in
funds from big democratic donors outside the State and our State is being
overwhelmed with lies on television ads and mail box flyers.  Each day a
new glossy poster depicting Ken Cuccinelli as an evil man who is bad for
Virginia reaches my mail box.  I Know that these ads are propagating bold
faced lies, but have little faith that the majority of the people can see
thru them to the decent, moral man being attacked.  I was one of the
delegates to the Republican Convention that picked Cuccinelli as our
Republican Candidate for Governor.  Prior to that event, I participated in
a two day event that cumulated a Six month vetting process held jointly by
the Virginia Tea Party Patriots and the Middle Resolution.  I know that Ken
is the best man for the job.  I also know that Virginia will never be the
same if "**McAuliffe" is allowed to buy this election.  As you know,
Virginia's gubernatorial election is to be a key element of the liberal,
progressive (God I hate that word) plan to carry on the unlawful,
unconstitutional, direction set by the Obama platform after usurping the
next presidential election.  Please get this word out to all those you know
– and encourage them to vote for a truly conservative state Governor, Lt.
Governor, and Attorney General on November 5th.  Let's show the liberals
they can't buy an election in Virginia. *

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SENT BY: Gene Underwood

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