Saturday, October 19, 2013

Defending freedom and liberty

Dear Robert --

This weekend, I had the honor of delivering the Weekly Republican Address, a response to President Obama's Radio Address to Americans across the country. If you missed my address, you can view it here

Our nation is facing tremendous challenges, and citizens are seeking leaders who are willing to speak out for our first principles and stand up to the federal government, which is eating away at our liberty and crushing opportunity. 

There is no better example of the extreme government overreach than Obamacare. Let me be plain and simple about this: Obamacare takes away our liberty. 

That's why I stood up to fight it. With less than three weeks left until Virginia's Election Day, I need you support more than ever. Will you chip in today to help support my fight against Obamacare?

As the next Governor of Virginia, you can be assured that I will never stray from protecting our first principles and our liberty. 

I know that many Americans like you, Robert, are deeply concerned about what kind of country we will hand to our children and grandchildren. That's why your support during these final days is so important.

I promise that I'll do my part in Virginia, but I need you to help me. Will you donate $20 or more to my campaign so that I can continue to fight for freedom and liberty here in Virginia?

I know that together we can make America better tomorrow than it is today.

On to Victory,


PS - As Governor I will always stand up for our hard fought freedom and first principles, but I need your support. Will you donate $20 or more to my campaign today?


Cuccinelli for Governor
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