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Step Up for the Election!

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Super-Saturday Door Knocking
Election Officer / Poll Watcher
Poll Watcher / Election Attorney
Count Absentee Ballots
Inspiration from GOP Activist Russ Moulton


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Super-Saturday Door Knocking


Tomorrow! (Oct 12th) Click for Details

More from Matt Brown at the Arl/Alex GOP Victory Office -

With only days left, the race between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe is neck and neck.  


The Democrats are running one of the most dishonest campaigns in the history of Virginia politics. In a desperate attempt to rally support, Terry McAuliffe continues to lie about Ken's record as Attorney General. That is why Get Out the Vote (GOTV) is essential to securing a victory for Ken in November.  In an off election year, when turn out is low, getting out the vote will make a difference on who is elected as the next Governor of Virginia.

It is important that we combat these lies, turn out the grassroots, and bring home a victory on November 5!

The campaign is now in our hands!  Sign up below for your GOTV shifts and let's rally support in Arlington and Alexandria.  You can respond back @ or 571-226-6043


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Election Officer / Poll Watcher

Consider Serving as an Election Officer or Poll Watcher on November 5th 

Reagan George will offer Poll-Watcher training Webinars on two or three dates in October.  Contact Reagan for the next Webinar date and time.

Attached is a valuable Poll Watcher training information flyer provided by Dr. Keith Damon.





You can help ensure election integrity

on November 5 and help elect






Being a paid Election Officer is the first line of defense in preventing election fraud on November 5.  If you cannot make the time commitment to become an Election Officer but still want to contribute, consider becoming a volunteer Pollwatcher.  You will become a Republican set of eyes and ears to help the Election Officers ensure that the November 5 election is conducted honestly and fairly.  By law, if you see any questionable activity at your precinct poll you may notify the Chief Election Officer and, if not satisfied with the response, escalate your concerns through the Party to your local Board of Elections.


The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) has created a Virginia Pollwatchers Guide and an associated PowerPoint training class to assist you in understanding your rights and responsibilities.  The law is explained in layman's terms to help you respond correctly to problematic situations.


The FCRC materials are available for download as follows:



* Open the pdf file in Adobe Reader. Some of the text is rightside-up and others are upside-down.  You need to print this on a printer allowing 2-sided printing.  In Adobe Reader go to the Print function.  When you get to the drop-down window for printing, you will see a number of options for Page Sizing and Handling.  You must select "Actual size", "Print on both sides of paper" and "Flip on long edge".  You will get 5 pages with something on front and back of each page - some it will be upside down.  On five of the sides (out of the 10 sides) you will see an isolated line looking like "--------------" or "___________".  You need to fold each of those 5 sides outward precisely with that line on the fold.  This will ensure that the accordion-fold lines up properly.


** This is a 120 MB file which will take several minutes to download.


Further information can be obtained by contacting:


Dr. Keith Damon




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Poll Watcher / Election Attorney


Election Day -- Tuesday Nov. 5 -- is right around the corner and we need volunteers to work as poll watchers and roving attorneys to help us handle any problems that might pop up during the day.  Poll watchers will help monitor the elections and will help us identify any problems that may occur at the polls.  You do not need to be an attorney to be a poll watcher.  You only need to be a registered Virginia voter. 


We also need roving attorneys who can respond to issues and help coordinate a response.


Trust us -- the Democrats are preparing to have a large legal presence and we want to counter that with our own presence.  Having a Republican present in polling stations throughout the 8th District will help ensure clean and fair elections.


There will be training sessions for both poll watchers and roving attorneys.  We will announce those when they have been scheduled.


Also, if you are interested in being an observer at the post-election canvass, please let us know and we will get you plugged into that effort.


If you are interested in helping with Election Day Operations activities in any capacity, contact District Chairman Mike Ginsberg at   



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Count Absentee Ballots



Help Stop the Democrats From Cheating on November 5th
Paid Election Workers Needed To Count Absentee Ballots E-Day

Republican Officials badly needed in Dem Areas


Paid Election Officers needed to count absentee ballots on Election Day, November 5th. 2 Evening Shifts Remain.

The Central Absentee Precinct (located at the Government Center)

Is still in need of 2 more Republican Officials.
And many Republican Officials as Precinct Officials in the heavily Democrat Districts.

What happens if we can't fill a measly 2 spots? The Democrats will have a station to count away without oversight.


The request to serve is vitally important.


When: November 5th
Where: Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Va.
Shift Times 5:30am -3:00 pm & 2:30 pm to whenever
Sign up by Contacting Donna Curtain of the Office of Elections
(Please let her know that Ron Wilcox referred you.)
Email: or Call 703-324-4756

It is a paid position

Training Class is required and it is no big deal. In closing, remember a few things.

We need this election to be fair, open and honest.

ogram to help you engage in national politics in an effective and time-efficient manner. This will be a fantastic opportunity to interact with other concerned conservatives from your area and build your relationship with Melody Scalley, your Heritage Action Regional Coordinator.

By volunteering to help fill the last 2 slots with a Republican will ensure honesty and fairness.


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Inspiration from GOP Activist Russ Moulton


To: Unit Chairs and Conservative Leaders and Activists



From Russ Moulton, Cuccinelli Volunteer, and Former 1st District GOP Chair

Subject: AG Cuccinelli-E.W. Jackson-Senator Obenshain Campaign


Some of the crazy polls out recently have Democrat-biased voter turnout models, Ken is only down 3 points - within the margin of error !

Recent turn-out projections based on Absentee Ballot filings indicate this race will be lower turnout than 2009 - RECORD low turnout.   

So it ALL comes down to what side turns out their base in greater numbers.

This race is very VERY winnable for our side - if we simply stay strong and don't lose heart.  If we keep working to get our troops engaged, knocking on doors and turning out our vote - we WIN this !

Our R+8 enthusiasm advantage means we have a greater pool of voters we can turn out for Ken - and that means we have a very real potential to exceed their turnout by 3 points or more. 

But we must keep our troops from getting discouraged, and turning their concerns into ACTION. 

With a concerted door-knock/phone bank effort this weekend, and powerful new TV ads coming out from the campaign, we are poised to surpass McAuliffe with just 24 days to go.

Here's what we need you to do TODAY as Leaders so we can overtake McAulliffe:

1.       CALL your troops.  Every member of your Committee.  Every member of your Tea Party Club.  Every pro-lifer you know.  Every gun-rights activist.  Every liberty activist. Every member of your group or church.  You must CALL THEM.  Emailing them information is NOT SUFFICIENT.  WE MUST BE TOUCHING OUR TROOPS DIRECTLY.

2.       Encourage them with the above information and what we discussed last night.  Let them know the additional votes they turn out WILL DECIDE THE ELECTION because of the very low-turnout.


3.       Ask them to please join you at your local Victory Center this Saturday - let them know if they join you, you'll work with them personally to find something they are comfortable doing to help

a.       Let them know the lists we give them to work - door knock or call - are GREAT lists.  They are likely receptive voters that simply need to be touched and persuaded a little to vote in this off-year election.   First time volunteers doing this with these new lists find the experience extremely positive and rewarding.  They swing lots of people into voting for Ken that weren't going to vote AT ALL ! They can go out in teams or partnered with others so they don't feel isolated.  Even if they are uncomfortable door-knocking or making calls, get them to join Saturday morning at your Victory Center to pick up their bumper sticker and yard sign. 

b.      After you've used all the persuasion you can to get them to join you Saturday - if they still won't - ask them if they'll go to Ken's website and donate instead.  Remind them they can vote absentee and should go to their local registrar's office and do so this week if there is even a remote chance they might not be able to on Nov 5th.  Ask them if they have anyone they know that might vote for Ken that isn't registered, and remind them of the Oct 15th deadline.  Do you have a college son or daughter out of state who can register here and vote absentee...  A senior family member who might not vote.  An overseas military member, etc ....   

Our Goal as Leaders this week MUST be to get a huge volunteer turnout to the Victory Centers.

This is the LAST BIG OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE YOUR TROUPS by phone to make the difference.  Please commit to call through to all your troops TONIGHT.

Dave Rexrode will evaluate how effective this additional door-knocking effort will be

We'll ask unit chairs and grassroots leaders to share with us how many they were able to turn out.


Russ Moulton

Volunteer, Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

Former 1st District Republican Chair




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