Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Decisive Victory

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Dear Robert:

This morning's Loudoun Chamber debate was a microcosm of the entire campaign: once again, Mark Obenshain gave clear answers on issues Virginians care about, while Mark Herring equivocated, evaded, and fell back on the same tired, dishonest attacks that are clearly the hallmark of his entire campaign.

The result was a clear Obenshain victory. But don't take my word for it. Here's Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman, who was at the debate this morning: "In today’s debate, Mark Obenshain was clear, precise, and showed real conviction on issues that Virginians care about. As a Sheriff, I believe that we need a leader like Mark Obenshain, who has presented detailed plans for promoting public safety and keeping our communities safe."

Mark talked about his vision for the office and told the voters where he stood. He gave detailed answers on tolls, economic regulation, ethics reform, and defending Virginia law. All we heard out of Mark Herring was the same old distortion of Mark’s record. I guess that’s all he has to run on.

Hearing Mark talk about his plans on combating human trafficking, protecting children from sexual predators, and protecting seniors from neglect and abuse, I was reminded of why 116 Sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorneys—Democratic, Independent, and Republican—have endorsed Mark.

By contrast, our opponent still doesn't have a position on illegal proposed EPA regulations that will doom the construction of new coal-fired power plants for the foreseeable future. He won't say whether he will defend an education reform law the General Assembly just enacted. In fact, refusing to say whether he’ll do his job is something of a theme with Herring.

As Mark told the Loudoun Chamber this morning, "We can’t have safe communities without a strong economy, and we can’t have a strong economy without safe communities." As we count down the days to victory, Mark will continue to focus on policies to ensure that Virginia remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

If Mark Herring wants to focus on something else, so be it. In today's debate, voters saw a sharp contrast between a results-oriented candidate in Mark Obenshain, someone focused on solutions to real problems affecting real Virginians, and a candidate with no answers, only dishonest attacks.

Mark Obenshain won a clear victory today, but elections aren't won or lost at a debate. If we're going to continue to rise above Herring’s noise, we need your help. Will you contribute $25, $10, or $5 today? Your contribution will send a message: we want solutions, not dishonest partisan attacks.

Jared Walczak
Policy Director


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