Sunday, February 15, 2015



IT's NOT OK to allow enhancement of law enforcement and
Commonwealth's Attorneys' budgets with revenues
from seizure of property from innocent citizens!

HB1287, "No asset forfeiture without conviction"
Sent to Senate Finance to die!

The Finance Committee is to make up a fiscal reason to kill the bill? Constituents are going to be told that law enforcement budgets can't be balanced without the profits from seized assets of innocent citizens?

What is the message coming through from our General Assembly?
Our elected representatives are not protecting our Rights.

Killed - VA constitution amendment to give Virginians the missing protections of the 4th amendment. (Killed without a single vote taken)
Passed - "Secret Government 'Fishing Expedition' Searches". HB1946 / SB919 (137 yes - 1 no)
Now the Senate is trying to kill HB1287 - "No asset forfeiture without conviction". Should 'policing for revenue' be allowed? (So far, 6 House Republicans voted "that's OK with them" - Bloxom, Marshall, D.W., Miller, Scott, Webert, Yancey)
There is NO explanation or excuse that can justify seizures of property from innocent citizens!
Constituents are horrified that assets can be seized, the owner never convicted of a crime (sometimes never even charged) and they must go to court to get their property back!
Doubly horrified to learn that revenues generated by seizures from innocent citizens go to law enforcement and prosecutors!

Constituents are fed up with illegal, unconstitutional acts of Government at all levels!

Please call the Senate Finance committee - On committee docket for Tues 9 AM.
Ask them to close any gap in police and Commonwealth's Attorneys' budgets and pass HB1287.

Stosch (Co-Chair), 804-698-7512
Colgan (Co-Chair), 804-698-7529
Howell, 804-698-7532
Saslaw, 804-698-7535
Norment, 804-698-7503
Hanger, 804-698-7524
Lucas, 804-698-7518
Ruff, 804-698-7515
Wagner, 804-698-7507
McDougle, 804-698-7504
Vogel, 804-698-7527
Carrico, 804-698-7540
Alexander, 804-698-7505

Please call the budget conferees -
Ask them to commit publically that they will close the gap in law enforcement and Commonwealth's Attorneys' budgets and ANY REVENUES FROM CIVIL FORFEITURE MUST GO INTO GENERAL FUNDS! NO MORE POLICING FOR REVENUE!

Jones, 804-698-1076
Cox, 804-698-1066
Landes, 804-698-1025
O'Bannon, 804-698-1073
Greason, 804-698-1032
Joannou, 804-698-1079

Colgan, 804-698-7529
Stosch, 804-698-7512
Watkins, 804-698-7510
Howell, 804-698-7532
Saslaw, 804-698-7535
Norment, 804-698-7503

Please call the Governor and Lt Governor -
The administration is against HB1287 too. Please call the Governor 804-786-2211 ... and the Lt Governor 804-786-2078 ... ask them why it's OK for innocent citizens property to be used to enhance law enforcement and Commonwealth's Attorneys' budgets?

Call your Commonwealth's Attorney -
Because they see no election consequences for themselves, some Commonwealth's Attorneys are trying to kill HB1287 (Their names are starting to surface) Call your Commonwealth's Attorney and ask for his position on Asset Forfeiture without conviction! Please get it in writing and let us know their position! Find your Commonwealth's Attorney here:

Please Facebook, Twitter and forward. Civil Asset Forfeiture without conviction must stop!

The CoLA Team
VA Tea Party Patriots Federation

Bill text HB1287

For the policy wonks
[Secret subpoenas] General warrants coming for your computer records

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