Sunday, February 15, 2015


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Tomorrow, Monday, February 16, THREE important pro-gun bills are going to be heard in the Senate Courts of Justice committee at 8 AM in Senate Room B:

HB 1329, Delegate Ware, will honor concealed handgun permits from all other states. Doing so will add Georgia, New Hampshire, and Colorado as states that will honor Virginia permits. It will also encourage gun owners from other states to spend their vacation dollars in Virginia. EIGHTEEN states already honor all permits and many have been doing so successfully for over a decade.

HB 1666, Delegate Fowler, fixes an inequity in Virginia law where someone who has had their civil rights restored for a conviction in Virginia cannot get their gun rights restored if they don't live in Virginia any more. This bill is important as some states, such as North Carolina, require the firearms rights to be restored in the state where the person was convicted.

HB 2029, Delegate Wilt, adds a National Instant Check System (NICS) background check to the background checks done on a concealed handgun permit holder. As a result, permit holders will not need to go through a NICS background check when purchasing a firearm per federal law. Many states have used such a system for years.


1. Send a message to your Senator supporting the current pro-gun bills in the Senate by clicking here:


2. Send a message to your Delegate supporting the current pro-gun bills in the House by clicking here:


3. If you can attend the Courts of Justice committee meeting on Monday to show support for pro-gun bills, please do so. I will have some Guns Save Lives stickers for you to wear.

Let's roll!

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