Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank You





Although the election did not turn out how we had hoped, I am proud of the campaign we ran.  It was optimistic and truthful, and I could not be any more grateful for the many volunteers and supporters that dedicated time, treasure, and prayer to my reelection effort. 


It has been a privilege to serve as your Delegate.  Many of the initiatives that I introduced will benefit citizens of the Commonwealth for years to come.  Just yesterday, I learned that one of my volunteers, a manager with Habitat for Humanity, has taken on a new program that will renovate 30 abandoned houses, transforming them and their neighborhoods into beautiful homes for its clients.  Until then, she had been unaware that this ‘new program’ was the direct result of HB 1144, my first bill to have earned the Governor’s signature.   


Everyone deserves an opportunity and a path to succeed and it has been my goal in the last two years to help build that path.  And, while I may not be your Delegate for the next two, my days of serving the community and the Commonwealth are not done.  Not by a long shot.


Thank you for this incredible honor.








P.S. Mark December 15th on your calendar for the

2nd Annual ‘Christmas Town with Friends of Mike Watson’ event

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