Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Robert --

With just two days between now and Election Day, a top story highlighted by the Drudge Report this morning captures just how much is at stake in this election

Virginia Democrats, led by Delegate Candidate Kathleen Murphy, have proposed a new law that would make it a legal requirement for Virginia doctors to treat all Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Robert, such an extreme law would significantly worsen Virginia's growing doctor shortage problem (45,000 and counting) and leader to even fewer healthcare choices for Virginia patients and families. It's just the kind of big-government policy that Terry McAuliffe will push for in Richmond if he's elected Governor. 

Over the past few months, Terry McAuliffe has rattled off a long list of promises and platitudes to Virginian voters, which he says he'll pay for with Medicaid expansion. Even the left-leaning Washington Post said that such a strategy is completely unrealistic. 

With Terry McAuliffe as the next governor of Virginia, doctors will lose their liberty and Virginians will lose their doctors.

As I write this e-mail, Terry McAuliffe and President Obama are getting ready for a grand celebration of Obamacare at a campaign event in Northern Virginia. 

That's right, Robert. Americans have been lied to and tens of thousands of Virginians have had their health insurance plan cancelled this week, but Terry McAuliffe and President Obama are celebrating. 

If you are against Obamacare and the Democrats' attack on our doctors, then I need your help in these last two days.

Will you donate $25 or more right now and help me fight back against President Obama and Terry McAuliffe?

As Governor, I will continue to fight Obamacare and free our workers, job creators, families – and now our doctors too from government overreach, but I need your help to do it. 

Virginia cannot afford to go any further down the Obama/McAuliffe path. Stand with me today.

On to Victory! 




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