Monday, November 4, 2013

Newport News OB/GYN Calls Mason's Ads False



A highly respected Newport News OB/GYN has called Mason's Ads against me "false and misleading".  Please see the column below, listen to her comments in her own words, and then SHARE this with every 93rd District voter, regardless of party, that you can now.  Everyone deserves to know the truth.  Thank you.  Mike


                            November 4, 2013

OBGYN Calls Out Democratic Challenger For False Claims Against Virginia Delegate

On Sunday evening, Dr. Kathy O’Connell, MD a highly respected OB/GYN from Newport News, spoke out against attacks on Delegate Mike Watson (VA-93), calling his opponent’s accusations “false and misleading” and assured voters that Delegate Watson has been an advocate for women’s health care.


Monty Mason, a candidate for the 93rd House District, has released TV commercials and mail pieces claiming that Delegate Watson has voted to ban abortions and in vitro fertilization, cut funding from cancer screening and mammogram clinics, and ban most common forms of birth control.


After reviewing legislation and independent reports, Dr. O’Connell concluded that Mason’s claims are using false and misleading information to coax female voters.


“As a physician, I find these ads very troubling.  As a woman, they are insulting,” said Dr. O’Connell.  “These are topics that directly affect my practice and the women I care for.  So I read the bills that Mr. Mason references and found nothing to justify his claims.  In fact, I found that Delegate Watson voted to preserve funding for cancer screening and is actually working to make birth control more accessible.”


Both candidates started their campaigns with positive messaging, but Mason’s abruptly went negative after polling showed he was behind, seeking to persuade women voters that Watson was against women when it came to their health.  His ads claimed that Watson had voted for bills that never existed and in fact, misrepresented Watson’s record to the extent of accusing him of stances where he has actually promoted the opposite.  Soon thereafter, Watson created a website,, to show documented proof that his opponent’s claims were false.


“Voters deserve to know the truth,” Watson said.  “I have always been an advocate for women’s health care and firmly believe that medical decisions need to be between a woman and her doctor.  My opponents baseless attacks are meant to scare voters and distract from his failed record as a job creator.”


Election Day is right around the corner with the polls opening from 6am-7pm on Tuesday, November 5th.  Voters can see the column and listen to Dr. O’Connell’s call by clicking here.


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