Friday, November 1, 2013

Nov 5 election. Who WANTS it more? Easy way YOU can help me. Important!

Hello Everyone


(Right up front, this is not a request for anything other than 3 minutes of your time to read this and to share, that is all. Like you, I've had it with the perpetual ads, so I'm doing what I feel led to do. It's that important.)


We have just 3 days left to see if Virginia voters turn out to hand the keys of this Commonwealth to radical, leftist, social engineering, tax and spend shakedown artists or entrust them to principled Constitutional conservatives who will serve to restore, preserve, and promote our traditional American and Virginia values.

If you approve of what Barack Obama is doing to this nation morally, economically, militarily, and culturally, then Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, and Mark Herring certainly are your guys. They'll extend Obama's radical transformation of America deep and wide into Virginia and accelerate it into every facet of your daily lives.

On the other hand if you value the Judeo-Christian values and free market principles and liberty upon which this great Commonwealth was founded and upon which this nation was built, Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson, and Mark Obenshain are your champions to preserve freedom here in Virginia where it was won.  

The big question is WHO WANTS IT MORE? Who shows up will determine the outcome on Tues Nov. 5.


I am asking each of you to help us overcome the multi-million dollar George Soros-funded carpetbombing campaigns by Democrats McAuliffe, Northam, and Herring and help us reach as many people as possible these last 3 days with a grassroots email blast effort to get out the vote for Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain.

 This election is so important that I feel compelled to launch this effort to literally reach thousands of voters in 3 days. I'm asking each of you to forward this letter to at least 10 people you know who are registered Virginia voters who share your values and ask them to do the same, and so on. Maybe you'd like to help our candidates but haven't had the time. THIS can be your contribution to save this Commonwealth from being turned upside down. This is Virginia, NOT California or New York. Let's keep it that way.


If anyone who receives this letter is concerned, confused, or misinformed about ANY of our candidates about ANY issue, please, please email me back at or call me at 757-881-9233 and I will be more than happy to answer your concerns or questions. I've talked to 5 people this week who are Republicans but were troubled by negative ads about our candidates. All 5 are now 100% voting for our Republican candidates. Just please keep this going among like-minded people, not rabid liberals. All it takes is open dialogue and pointing to the truth, to real facts, not relying on the desperate, fearmongering, lie-studded attack ads to decide your vote for you.


Please help get this out to as many voters as possible starting NOW. (If you can send this to more than 10, all the better.) This is people power at its best. This is how the grassroots work. There is too much at stake to sit out this election or cast an uninformed or ill-informed vote.


For reference, here are the websites of our 3 GOP state candidates if you want to check them out and hear from them themselves. All 3 are decent, principled family men and public servants, Christian men with the moral compass, knowledge, experience, and integrity to serve in the positions for which they seek to serve.



And be sure to watch EW Jackson's speech that rocked the GOP convention in May. How can anyone NOT vote for this man?  I was honored to have been one of his delegates.  Awesome!



Come on, let's DO this! EVERYBODY IN! Make sure you get out and VOTE & make sure all your friends, neighbors, and family members do too---unless they are voting Democrat, that is : )


Pray up and step up! Duty calls! Let's reach thousands in 3 days.

If you care, you'll do this.

Ready - Set - Hit Forward : )


God bless,


Shirley Widlacki ~ Newport News



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