Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scott Taylor: Any Office, Any District, At Any Cost


On Tuesday, November 5th, voters across the Commonwealth have very important decisions to make, however in one race the decision is crystal clear.


The Virginia Integrity Project (VIP Pac) has watched Scott Taylor closely since his failed run for Virginia Beach Mayor followed by another failed bid for Congress.  The picture of Mr. Taylor has turned from a promising young and up incomer to a sad pathetic story of a deadbeat poser who will do or say anything to get elected to any office, in any district.


Lets review Scott Taylor’s long history of lawless behavior:


        -Convicted of Reckless Driving in a School Zone after being pulled over for a DUI;

        -Over 7 speeding violations in both Maryland and Virginia;

        -Found Guilty due to failure to appear in court on over 3 moving violations;

        -Had is Driver’s License Suspended by a Maryland court due to failure to pay court fines


And can you believe Taylor attempted to besmirch the character of his former primary opponent by bringing up 20 to 30 year old driving records all the while skipping out on his own court appearances landing him a bench warrant for his arrest from a Virginia Beach judge?


For Taylor hypocrisy has no bounds!


As if Taylor’s criminal rap sheet isn’t bad enough he has repeatedly dodged personal financial civil judgments leaving him with a current total of a little over 1.4 million in debt, all of which remains unpaid.


But don’t take our word for it!  The Virginian Pilot Editorial Board expressed their deep concerns regarding Taylor’s “questionable business background”.  They continued by stating: “He [Taylor] views his business and financial failings – court judgments in the hundreds of thousands if dollars – as a positive learning experience.  The cases, however, represent a troubling lack of fiscal responsibility in a candidate seeking a public salary and power to influence state taxes and expenditures.”


The Pilot also outlined Taylor’s carpetbagger status who has “weak ties to the district” and who only moved within the district borders a little less than a year ago.


Plus we can’t forget the famous Scott Taylor Facebook quote:


“I will run again and again no matter what office until I get the title ‘The Honorable’ before my name.”


The pilot backs up this shockingly candid Taylor admission by stating “Taylor’s apparent ambition to hold elected office – any office – and inspire questions about whether he would serve constituents or consider the position just a step in ascending the political ladder.”


It’s not just the Pilot and VIP Pac but numerous community-based organizations across the region who have expressed deep concerns about Taylor’s “little detailed knowledge of any of the issues relevant to the office he seeks”.


The Virginia Beach Taxpayer’s Alliance (VBTA) recently questioned Taylor’s pattern of shady and unethical behavior.  In a recent press release the VBTA stated that Taylor’s “an arrogant and rude candidate” who has consistently misrepresented “his qualifications and experience”, going so far as to say “honesty is a virtue that Scott Taylor does not possess.”


The choice is clear Taylor doesn’t want to be your Delegate he just wants to be an elected official in any office, from any district, at any cost.


And if all these arguments have fallen on deaf ears we would simply ask you would you let this man alone with your children?



Then why leave yourself and your children’s future in his hands.


On November 5th tell Scott Taylor to get his own life in order before trying to run yours.



The Virginia Integrity Project (VIP PAC) is a non-partisan Political Action Committee established to hold political candidates and public officials accountable to a standard of personal and public honesty about their record, beliefs and behavior.  The VIP PAC believes there is a need for voters to have as much information as possible concerning those seeking to hold public office to help determine whether the public representations are consistent with the truth.


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