Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obama lied, Americans are dying


Anyone remember the liberal meme during the Bush years, "Bush lied, kids died?"


George W. Bush didn't lie.  Liberals lie. 


Now the left has been caught in one of their lies.  Obama lied.  He didn't lie once, but he lied repeatedly.  He lied and now Americans are dying. 


What was his lie and why are Americans dying because of his lie?

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Only a few days after conceding the race for governor, Ken Cuccinelli is probably trying to sleep in late, go back to his office at the Attorney General's offices to finish out his term and figure out what to do next with his life.

Here's the suggestion he probably doesn't want to hear today. But it is an important suggestion.  What is it?

Find out now on the Cold Hard Truth.

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