Monday, November 4, 2013



Robert --

The polls across Virginia will open in less than 24 hours.

Tonight I will cap off my 72-hour fly around of Virginia with one last rally with my good friend Congressman Ron Paul. Every single rally I've held has been filled to capacity, and I am so thankful for the support from Virginians like you, Robert.

We have the most energized group of grassroots supporters I've ever seen in all of my years in office. Our momentum and excitement is contagious – Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats see that – and they're nervous.

So nervous in fact, that they've turned to desperate, outright lies to try to sway my hardworking and dedicated supporters.

Early today, I was informed that the Democrats are calling the homes of my Republican supporters and telling them that I support Obamacare!

That's right, Robert. Terry McAuliffe and his Democrat allies are trying to convince voters that I support Obamacare in order to trick them into voting against me!

Of course we all know the truth – that I was the first Attorney General in the country to sue the federal government over Obamacare. I've been busy fighting back against Obamacare for years, and what has Terry McAuliffe done? He said it didn't go far enough.

Terry even stood by President Obama's side yesterday and celebrated Obamacare after news broke that the President lied to Americans, and millions lost their health insurance.

We can win this thing, and Terry McAuliffe knows it. That's why he's stooping so low, and I need your help to fight back. 

Will you donate $25 or more to my campaign right now so that I can fight back against Terry McAuliffe's desperate lies?

While Terry McAuliffe sits back and hides from public appearances, I've been out meeting as many Virginia voters as I possibly can. I will not be outworked, and I will not stop until the polls close at 7PM tomorrow night.

Will you help me make sure that Terry McAuliffe does not lie and buy his way into our Commonwealth's Governor's mansion by donating $25 or more right now?

On to Victory!




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