Saturday, March 9, 2013

See the political ad that's taking the nation by storm


See The Tea Party Ad That's Rocking A GOP Governor And Taking The Nation By Storm

March 9, 2012

Robert Bruce,

Virginia GOP Governor Bob McDonnell may have thought his transportation bill would pave the way to his political future. But along his primrose path, he hit a massive $6 billion pothole. The record tax hike breaks promises he made during his campaign, and Virginians aren’t happy.

asdfJamie Radtke, a former U.S. Senate candidate and co-founder of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation says this is not just about Virginia, "Folks in Iowa, Florida, New Hampshire and other critical GOP primary states should take note here. You see, Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes. Unfortunately for Virginia taxpayers, McDonnell has shattered that promise in spectacular fashion, colluding with Democrats and tax-hiking Republicans for the necessary votes to pass the massive $6 billion tax increase."

Virginia patriots are responding -- in spectacular fashion -- with an attention-grabbing political ad by Patriot Super PAC, the official Super PAC of Grassfire, that has captured the attention of the nation. See why this first political ad of the 2016 presidential campaign has McDonnell and his big-money handlers scrambling.

NOTE: We've just received word that the ad will begin airing in New Hampshire next week!

Go here now to see this important first political ad of the 2016 presidential campaign.

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