Thursday, January 29, 2015

Call / Email Delegate Kirk Cox and Riley Ingram to Support HB2202 and Budget Transparency

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Fast Calls Needed - Committee meets tomorrow!

Virginia has 'Earmarks' Too

At Last ..."The BUDGET SUNLIGHT Bill"

Support HB2202


HB2202 will allow all 140 legislators, and Virginia taxpayers, to know what earmarks have been placed in the conference committee budget so that all voting on it can make an informed decision when they vote.

Disclosing earmarks will make it easier for lawmakers to identify pork and wasteful spending and to cut it out. (If not in that particular budget, certainly in the next session)

The bill makes public all line items in the budget that were not part of either the House or Senate proposed budgets, appropriations to non-state agencies, and items that were defeated during session. (A backdoor way of getting a defeated measure into law anyway)

The bill also requires that all the items be listed line by line, the name of the legislator who put them in there and the amount of the expenditure.



Let them know you support budget transparency!

Please, call committee members - ask for a YES vote

Support  HB 2202


Committee members:

Click for contact information:  Howell (Chairman), Landes, Cox, Kilgore, Ware, Jones, Orrock, Knight, Ingram, Massie, Habeeb, Joannou, Plum, Toscano, Spruill


Please take a minute to thank the Patron Delegate O'Bannon for submitting this GREAT BILL  804-698-1073

The bill:

The CoLA Team,
VA Tea Party Patriots Federation, Cooperative Legislative Action (CoLA)

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