Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Article V Bills Before FULL HOUSE TOMORROW!

Legislation to Destroy the Constitution Up TOMORROW!
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Dear Friends:

HJ 497 and HJ 499, applications asking Congress to call a Convention to amend (change) our U.S. Constitution will be before the FULL HOUSE TOMORROW, January 29th!  Please contact all House members below (cut and paste the whole list) and ask them to OPPOSE these bills that could DESTROY our U.S. Constitution!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  

After all of the sacrifices made by our Founders to birth our nation and form our government, I am troubled that the Constitution is blamed for the ills facing America, when really they are caused by those who ignore their Oath of Office and "we the people" who let them get away with it!  Dictators love to hear:  "elections will never solve our problems." 

Once called by Congress, the Convention cannot be stopped or limited and will have complete authority to change any part of our Constitution!   The only other convention, held in 1787, re-wrote the Articles of Confederation, and changed the ratification requirements from unanimous to three fourths!  Yes, it gave us our present Constitution, but we had many statesmen of moral conviction who fought the War of Independence leading the nation at that time.  Madison said he trembled at the thought of a second convention after witnessing the first!

The entire Constitution will be open for amendment (change) at the Convention.  The Library of Congress (April 14, 2014) Congressional Research Service points out  that in the 1970's-80's when Balanced Budget applications nearly reached the 34 state threshold,  41 bills were introduced in Congress  which "generally included quite specific standards for state petitions, delegate apportionment formulas and delegate qualification…" (p. 36 CRS document R42589)  so Congress will be involved.

 Randy Barnett, who supports the Convention, in an April 23, 2009 Wall Street Journal article noted: 
"An amendments convention is feared because its scope cannot be limited in advance.  The convention convened by Congress to propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation produced instead the entirely different Constitution under which we now live.  Yet it is precisely the fear of a runaway convention that states can exploit to bring Congress to heel."  That's like playing a game of "chicken" with our Constitution! 
The state legislators planning the Article V Convention rejected a motion that would have prevented Members of Congress, the US Senate, federal judges and governors from serving as convention delegates.  They also tabled a motion to restrict the subject matter of the convention.

How would constitutional conservatives have the upper hand at a national bipartisan convention, if conservatives don't have the upper hand right now in politics, government, schools, churches, health care, or the media?  And the liberal Wolf-PAC has also secured passage of three state applications for an Article V Convention with the help of the Young Turks and liberal law professor Lawrence Lessig who wants tax financed elections! 
Please make sure to urge your own state delegate and senator to OPPOSE ALL APPLICATIONS ASKING CONGRESS TO CALL AN ARTICLE V CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. 

Thank you for your help!

Delegate Bob Marshall

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