Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yesterday in the Presidential Primary...

May 9, 2012

Dear Fellow Virginians,

Yesterday was an amazing day in the Presidential race in ... West Virginia!  Huh?

Seriously, in West Virginia.

No, not the Republican nomination - Governor Romney did as well as you might expect, but President Obama did not!

President Obama was NOT the only Democrat on the ballot for President in West Virginia yesterday.  Also on the ballot was a 'gentleman' named Keith Judd.

Now, there have been other Dems on the primary ballots in other states too (more on that below), but Mr. Judd is truly unique.  You see, Mr. Judd is currently in prison in Texas.  I understand that it really cut into his campaigning!

As far as I know, the President has not been challenged by someone in prison in any of his other primaries...

Okay Ken, that's funny and all, but other than silliness, what's the big deal?

Here's the big deal: Keith Judd won 10 counties in West Virginia!

That's right, a guy in prison beat the President of the United States in a Democratic Party primary in 10 counties in West Virginia!

In fact, statewide, the President didn't even break 60%!  You can see the results by clicking here (county by county results are available by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner).  Enjoy.

A final note on West Virginia: Democratic U.S. Senator, Joe Manchin, won't even say who he voted for in the primary - between the President and a jailed criminal, he's still too embarrassed to be associated with the President!  Wow.

But wait!  There's more!

Let me take you back two months to Oklahoma...

Also unreported (I know you're as shocked as I am with the media's failure to report these outcomes...), was the President getting only about 57% of the vote in the Oklahoma Presidential primary on March 6th.

In Oklahoma, there were four other Democrats on the Presidential primary ballot along with the President.

The President lost in 15 counties in Oklahoma!  How come you haven't read about this???  Ok, no need for me to answer that one for you...

Even more incredible, in several of the counties in Oklahoma, the President didn't even come in second!  That's right, he finished in third place to two other Democrats in several Oklahoma counties!

That's got to be pretty embarrassing for the President, but what else does it tell us?

This suggests very serious dissatisfaction by his Democratic base that isn't showing up in polling.

Could it just be that it's West Virginia and Oklahoma?  Could it be the war on energy waged by the President hitting two energy states particularly hard?  It could be, but it can't be good news at the White House.

It seems that some Democrats realize just how bad this President has been for America.  If people are thinking clearly come November, the question that beats the President is Reagan's old line: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"

If that's the basis of this race, then West Virginia and Oklahoma are going to look like crystal balls come November!  We shall see!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia 

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