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Paul Revere Alert-Time for Action, are you ready?

Time for Action. Are you Ready?

Recently we have received many emails asking what you do....

This alert will be devoted to some of the action plans that are simple and very productive.  For the sake of clarification we will call all of the isms,l Marxism since they base their roots in the Marxist ideology.


We all know the lies are coming fast and furious, regardless of the source. The Democrats lie, the Republicans lie and MSM lies.  Most of this comes in the form of self imposed censorship by convincing you not to tell the truth and be Politically Correct.  Political correctness (PC) is a Marxist form of censorship whereby the individual feels as an outcast if they deviate from the script.   Whenever Marxists try to gain a foothold, the first thing they do is institute PC.  Why?  Easy, so they will have no opposition to their plans.  Just look at the schools.  I dare a parent to go to their child's school and tell a teacher that global warming is a hoax, that social justice is anti-American, that your child doesn't need drugs they are just bored.  You would be chewed up and spit out for breakfast. Yet what you are saying is true.  The problem is that it is against the consensus, which by the way is a lie.


Instituting Political Correctness is just to keep you quiet. Marxists will not tolerate any viewpoint except their own.  Their  viewpoint is usually filled with meaningless adjectives, little if any fact and is always emotionally charged. Marxists thrive on emotion and chaos because it accomplishes nothing useful except the ability to create more laws and restrictions. How many laws and resolutions we will have about Bullying?


Marxists also need to make defined groups so people who belong are easy to manipulate.   The group takes on the personality. The individual is not important.  The individual is only important as part of the group.

See this great video on political correctness.


In order to take control back, you must stop political correctness.  When someone lies call them a liar. When someone is corrupt call them a thief.  Assign simple truthful names to their actions. Eventually they will learn you are fair, you tell the truth and they can count on you for guidance.


Stop being part of the group and become an individual.  It is tough for a neighbor to call you a racist, if they become your friend.  Conservatives are taught not to impose their view on others, yet Marxists have no time forcing you to adhere to their views.  Actually once you start pushing back, you will find you have a lot more clout than you think.  After all you have the truth, they have only adjectives.


At meetings accept nothing at face value because usually there is nothing behind face value. No facts to back it up. They count on the fact that you will never question their authority because they don't. Constantly ask why?  How much? Where is the science? Will we lose jobs? You get the picture.  If you want to disrupt any meeting just ask them to explain themselves.  They can't and as a result, they get hostile and emotional.  You remain calm and in control.  Be a shark, you must attack with the truth.  Listen to Allen West's advice.  He is about the only one in Congress that gets it and goes on the offense not defense.


Remember 70-80% of the population is unhappy. Start conversations whenever you can.  Agenda 21 has hundreds of Marxists pillars that affect human life, study one of them. Become the expert and guide the conversation. Never miss an opportunity to leave a flyer or card.  Carry flyers in your car. Wear buttons, shirts with statements that will require a response.  My shirt says YOU LIE.  My button says,  "Are you Happy?"  or "Gas or Food?"   Whenever I wear them and I do all the time, people stop me.  Whatever the social issue they complain, about I flip it to the economy.


The economy is factual leaving no wiggle room.  Give them a few points and your card and ask if you could talk again. Ask if they are they part of a group, if you can meet with them? Would they like to come to your group?  Would they like to go to a seminar in the library to talk about property rights, smart meters, zoning, education Obamacare, anything.  Tell them you were thinking of putting a discussion group together what to they think.   Become an individual to them.  You should be able to accomplish that in 3 minutes.  In that 3 minutes, you will give them more true information then they ever receive by the MSM.  Read why MSM lies.


NEVER STOP TALKING.  Marxists want you to SHUT YOU UP.  Hence we have the silent majority and we have learned that too well.  We are strong and 70-80% of us are are unhappy. Our job is to connect with them. They will not come to us. We must go to them.  Once we become an individual with a name and personality, it is hard for the media to call you names that stick.  Can you make it you job to talk to 5 new people a week. Can you write a letter to the editor, call your local new show.  IF EVERYONE DID THAT BY ELECTION TIME WE WOULD HAVE THE NUMBERS WE NEED.  Do not think you can reach everyone.  If you meet resistance, just say NEXT.  Click here for some great ideas look at the Presentation and Solutions page for more ideas.  Send us your ideas.


Join us on our Wednesday nite conference webinar for more great talking points.  This Wednesday Rosa Korie, democratsagainstagenda21.org will join us.  Look at the right for instructions.



While the Obama regime is so busy bowing to the Muslims, and the Latinos to get their votes, they seemed to be missing the Blacks. Oh I forgot, they feel the Black Americans are so stupid they will vote for Obama just because he is Black. Those days are over for the Obama   regime is so Marxists that ALL Americans have his number. No matter how he tries to divide and conquer, we believe that 70-80% of all Americans, regardless of race, religion or gender are unhappy and still think.  We have an opportunity to unite with all Americans in celebration of Juneteenth.

June 19, 1865, the last city in America was emancipated when word of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Galveston, TX.  June 19 became a day of healing and reconciliation.  The modern Juneteenth Movement, found on nationaljuneteenth.com .  Juneteenth has been approved as a National Day of Reconciliation and Healing in 41 states so far.  Dr. Ronald Myers, Chairman has requested a day of National Day or Reconciliation and Healing.  Obama refuses to recognize Juneteenth. He has Ramadan and Cinco De Mayo celebrations in the White House but refuses to recognize Juneteenth.
Join a Juneteenth Celebration near your community. Email Dr Myers to find a location.  We thank the Galveston Tea Party for their help and support in the flag raising celebration in Galveston, or join us in  Atlanta, GA on June 15-16 at the Juneteenth Liberty Redux

Together we will prove the MSM wrong.  All Americans enjoy freedom and liberty and support Juneteenth as a national day of reconciliation.
The Obama Regime is looking to put more regions of America under UN control. He is looking to steal America's resources (our money) in order to give them to the corrupt UN. Obama supports and gives borrowed American dollars to the Muslim world.  Call your and send postcards to your Senators:

              read more about how you will go to a re-education camp.


DEMAND American made FOOD and American made products.

You have no idea what goes into Communist Chinese Food. Using dead fetus, aborted babies, and those in killing rooms (Joe Biden thinks this is OK) Communist Chinese dry the parts, peel the dead skin and ground the body parts into pills. CHECK your food. read more  


Pig Farmers are being forced out of business in Europe, just like in America - Muslims do not eat pig.  Hedge funds are buying large tracks of land and farms. Monsanto (Gates and Soros?) are looking to control the food sources.  Tell your Governor to throw the Feds and their phony regulations out. Get farmers back to work.  Feed Americans with American food and products.  Join the fight against Monsanto


What can you do?  GROW your own food, buy from local farmers.


Obama's commies running his campaign, have a real lack of understanding and respect for women.  They condemn women to a life of government assistance and single parent families. Notice how they never tell us to aspire to greatness, instead they want Americans to aspire to a pathetic life of mediocrity. see the lif they have laid out for American women  see the life with Julia and compare


Not surprising when we discover that our wonderful welfare system

is so corrupt that your girls have to become pregnant and have lots of babies in order to be the bread winner for their families.  This is the best the Marxists can do to buy votes.  read more


If you are in Florida on May 19, join us at the Conservative Feminist


Missing History

1892 – Bankers adopted their Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892 in which it was declared:  “We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

       The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

       When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”




Alabama:  State of Alabama Joins EWTN Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate Cites Citizens' Conscience Protections Under State Constitution  read


Arizona: Obama administration won't let Arizona town fix water system unless they use horses and hand tools.    read more


California:  California Homeowner in foreclosure wins house in court


Florida: Tampa hosts pro SHARIA Rally to help re-elect Obama.  Let's remember Berkas, 14 yr olds forced into marriage, 4 wives, women can't drive, boys trained to become suicide bombers, stoning...   read more


Zimmerman family send letter to Holder asking for arrest of Black Panther


Idaho:  Sold to the Communist Chinese for a Communist Chinese City?


Indiana: Illegals get more tax refunds than Americans who pay. video


Iowa: Another elected official that gets it.  This time it is the Governor of Iowa. Moving to Iowa anyone?  LOL.  read more

Note:  The 2011 Iowa Republican Party Platform contains an anti Agenda 21 plank.   Click here and scroll to section 12.12 (also see sect. 7.04).....http://iowagop.org/platform.php  


Maine: Repeal LD 1422

Maine's academic education system is being taken over without firing a shot.  Read Charlotte Iserbyt's article for it applies to ever school.


Maine Gov Le Page tells unemployed to get off the couch. Le Page understands mandates, does your governor?    listen


Michigan: Town near Ohio could become a Chinese city. Read


Mass: Bake sales outlawed in Mass.  Welcome Marxist nanny. read  


S Carolina:  SC Rep Gets it too.  This is an old video but worth watching.  It helps for us to know they are catching on. Not as quickly as we hope but we are making progress.                         Listen

Utah:  Gets a Chinatown  or a Communist Chinese City


Virginia: One can dictate to the many? Judge suggests stripping down religious elements of the 10 Commandments.     read more


Cuccinelli wins 2 medical fraud cases for VA


WIsconsin:  This is the most important election before the Presidential election.  Gov Scott Walker needs you help. If you can go to WI (the Unions are busing in people) or can make call please contact TPP


Contributors:  Karen Schoen,  Tony Caso, Debra Caso, John Anthony, Karen Bracken, Victoria Baer, Heather Gas, Mimi Steel, John Slack, Neil Rice, Shelly Kennedy, Cindy Lucas, Diane Kepus, Steve Hunter, Bob Root

Please send us articles in your state.


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Ride With Paul


  Time for action, are you ready?

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Karen Schoen, Speaker

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Karen Schoen, Speaker

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David Barton,  Wall Builders,           5 Judicial Myths


Planned Parenthood was created by Margartet Sanger, "to kill off the black, inferior negros"  Margaret Sanger is Hillary Clintons role model. 


End Political Correctness

Obama Lies.  Why would any parent want a liar as a role model for theIr children? How do you respect a  President who lies?

The Communist Radical Ayers family put foreign student Obama through college.


Scroll down this Article for a  new slant on Obama's remarks to the Russian President.



Obama Lies

Obama said his administration will never allow lobbyists...He LIED.


Obama White Hous advisor quotes Karl Marx to justify class warfare.


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