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I am both heartened and relieved that you dropped out of the race for the U.S. Senate, as you have just demonstrated beyond question that both your judgment and strength of character are obviously flawed.


In terms of judgment, you have completely overlooked the fact that Allen didn't just make a few bad calls. He built his Senate career on them. He served two terms and failed miserably to represent the best interests of Virginia on any basis of principle. Aside from voting for every deficit budget, he not only helped run up an enormous national debt, but became a card carrying member of the Republican ilk which mailed out the invitations and set the stage for the Democrat takeover of both houses of Congress in 2006 on sheer anger at Republicans alone. That anger was so virulent that it carried over to 2008 and gave us Obama!


Not only this, but I can't come up with even one meaningful or significant piece of legislation authored or led by our former Senator during his 12 years of luxury in Washington at our expense!   


Yes, the fact that we are now losing our liberties by the day under the current regime is the responsibility of two-faced, hot winded, b_llsh__ing  Republicans like George Allen! That you are willing to believe ANYTHING that comes from this man's mouth claiming to be a champion of conservatism is beyond me. Our country is now teetering on the edge of the cliff, and the people are screaming for "change in Washington!," and now you want to recycle George Allen back up there as that change?


My question of your strength of character stems from your penchant for being "swayed" simply by a few personal visits from "celebrity" George. Was it not self-evident to you that you were being played? Your political inexperience and naiveté is self-evident.


Thank you once again for dropping out. I believe we are all the better for it.



Mike Prunty


Founder and President

The American Freedom Project

Yorktown, Virginia

Cell: (757) 329-6879



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On the US Senate Race...

In one sense, 2012 is like any other presidential election year.  Voters will decide the outcome based on the issues of the day like the economy, unemployment, the national debt and Obamacare.

But there is something very different about this election.

Politicians are prone to exaggeration, but the many who have called this "the most important election of our lifetimes," or the most important since 1860 or 1980, are dead on target.  For there is much more at stake this year than the temporal circumstances of our lives.

What voters will decide on November 6 is what form of government we will choose for our future.  Constitutionalists and leftists are in agreement on this point.

This is it.  Now that the gauzy hope and change of 2008 is clearly defined, the reelection of this administration that has placed us on the precipice of becoming a full-blown European-style social democracy will signal nothing less than America's affirmation of that identity.  And it will no longer be reversible.  

The control that has been wrested by the government from individuals and the private sector will be essentially etched in stone, as Obamacare and the others forms of regulatory tyranny and government control become fully institutionalized.  This, while we are witnessing right before our eyes the utter bankruptcy of these very principles throughout Europe.

This election is not about individual candidates.  It is about the very soul of America.  Our very way of life.

This is our last chance to restore, strengthen and preserve the principles which transformed America from a colonial backwater to the world's greatest nation in the space of a single century; individual liberty, limited government and free markets.

With so much at stake, the perfect is truly the enemy of the good (I tried to convince persuadable voters of this during my own US Senate campaign!)  We must shrewdly assess not which candidates are perfect - none are - but which are realistically going to make it to the finish line in opposition to the vision of a social democracy.

Come November 6, who will, in the words of William F. Buckley, stand athwart history and yell stop?  

And in a year where control of the upper chamber of congress is at stake, and our own beloved Commonwealth is acknowledged by both sides to be ground zero in this battle for the soul of America, it is not unrealistic to say that the outcome of the race to succeed Jim Webb in the US Senate could well determine who controls both the Senate and the White House.  Especially when the likely Democratic candidate is a close ally and soulmate of this president.

The Republican primary battle offers candidates with impressive credentials.  Bob Marshall has long been in the forefront of the fight to protect America's traditional values.  E.W. Jackson is one of the most passionate and effective speakers in the Commonwealth.  And Jamie Radtke has been an effective organizer and street fighter for constitutional values.

However, if I honestly believed anyone but George Allen will win this nomination, I would not have withdrawn from the race.

From his unambiguous opposition to Obamacare to his strong stand on the critical issue of energy independence to his legacy as a governor that was perhaps the most consequential in recent history, Gov. Allen has demonstrated through experience and judgment that he is more than capable of carrying the fight to the leftists seeking to assume control of every area of our lives.

Many of us have had differences with some of his votes in his first turn in the US Senate.  If that were not the case, I would not have sought the nomination myself.  But I have had the opportunity to spend some productive time talking with Mr. Allen in the last few weeks, and am convinced, as apparently are most Virginia Republicans, that he shares our commitment to reducing the size, scope and control of government.

By joining forces, it is my belief that we can work together to assure that George Allen stays true to his pledge to promote limited government and free markets.

Polls have shown this US Senate race to be very close.  A very few votes could decide the outcome, as they did in 2006.  We must do far more than show up to vote in November.  We must fight not just for what we believe, but also for those who share our essential worldview, lest the America we know vanish into the fog of history.

It will take unity and single-mindedness of purpose among constitutionalists to win this battle for the soul of America.  We have properly fought our intramural battles, and it is clear which of these candidates will emerge victorious and be charged with the responsibility for carrying the torch of liberty forward.  

That is why I am pleased to endorse George Allen for the US Senate and urge like-minded constitutionalists to follow suit.


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