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VA Senate Primary Article

FYI ~ I hope this article will help persuade you that if you want to see Virginia send a real conservative to Washington in the fall, Jamie Radtke is the candidate most likely to succeed.  ~  Sue

Radtke Vs Allen Vs Marshall Vs Jackson = Spoiler = Allen = Tim Kaine as Our Next Governor

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At the 5th District Republican convention lots of people spoke about "Governor Allen This" and "Governor Allen That" but not one speaker including his own wife ever touted his Senate Record. Maybe because it's abysmal? Everyone I've met who is honest says "I love Governor George Allen but not Senator George Allen" and often when people are introducing him they say "Governor Allen" even though we hold no titles of nobility here in America. And if we did wouldn't the most recent be the title we'd retain?

There are 4 candidates in this race. Did you know that?

If we look at money and grass roots support there are only 2. Radtke and Allen. Many of the Allenites are establishment trolls that would support Lucifer if he had an "R" next to his name, as such we don't have to worry about them. Not really. Because if by a stroke of providence we were to get an alternative they would ultimately come around.

The problem we face in Virginia is that we have a lot of voters that refuse to play the lesser of 2 evils game anymore. There are just enough that while they might vote for Romney, they will skip Allen out of spite or to send a message. This is due to the likes of Daniel Cortez and others creating fake Tea Party groups and stickers and saying stupid things like "George Allen was tea party before there was a tea party…"

What we need is a principled candidate we can get behind. That leaves us with 3 other options. If we look at money within those three and grassroots support as our only 2 factors of choice, and ignore the cult of political personality, then Jamie Radtke is the clear choice. I'm not just saying this because I've given her money. Or because I've endorsed her. Or because my Tea Party and others have done so. Or because I'm going door to door campaigning for her. No!

Bishop Jackson is a great guy but the reality is he has none of the above taking place. Much of the same can be said of Bob Marshall. When we look at Virginia politics marshall is a household name among the Liberty minded voters. Yet here we are 4 months down the road and Marshall is still stalled out.

Marshall keeps bragging about his polling, but he should be very embarrassed. Marshall has been a delegate from the densely populated Northern Virginia area for 20 years. He also ran for the United States Senate a few years ago. He kept saying that if he entered the race, it would be a huge "game changer." Yet his poll numbers have NOT MOVED from over a year ago when multiple polling outfits checks his polls for U.S. Senate when it was rumored he would get in the race. Now he has been in the race for four months and his numbers still haven't moved. Worse yet, with all his experience and notoriety as a 20-year NOVA delegate, running for statewide office, and all the controversial news he has made over the years, he is pretty much equal with Jamie Radtke in this race, who has only been at it for a year. Nothing to brag about. In fact, I think this is a clear signal he is a sinking ship, going nowhere.
Worse than that, if his candidacy is a game changer it's only as a spoiler. His remaining in this race could stop any chance we have to stop Allen. If that happens I'm convinced that Tim Kaine will be our next senator. God help America with that man in the Senate.
Jackson and Marshall should drop out and serve liberty driven conservatism by getting behind Jamie Radtke. It's hard to imagine they will. They are in the political echo chamber where they yell "I'm awesome" and hear back "YES YOU ARE, KEEP IT UP".
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