Friday, August 26, 2011

Information Alert: Winning Really Does Matter

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Victoria Cobb, President
Friday, August 26, 2011

Information Alert: Winning Really Does Matter

Dear Robert:

On Tuesday, a very small number of voters turned out in sixteen primaries to choose candidates for House of Delegates and state Senate seats.  Now, Election Day for all 140 seats in the General Assembly is just over two months away.

And so is an opportunity to put Virginia on a path of public policy based on a restrained government and shared values.

There are many pro-family, pro-life conservative candidates running, many of them against incumbent legislators who have spent much of their careers blocking pro-family legislation.  With your help, The Family Foundation and The Family Foundation Action plan to expose those legislators and their voting records in the coming weeks

Because of the cynicism that our current political landscape has generated, there are many who think that voting is a waste of time.  Their vote doesn’t matter, or politicians are all the same.  I certainly share that frustration.  I was there when we had a Republican majority in the state Senate that did as much to block our pro-family legislation as the Democrats have, so the partisan issue is irrelevant to me.  What matters is where people stand on the issues that you and I care about.  But I also understand that while no politician is perfect, there are good conservative people running for office – maybe more than ever before – and winning those elections absolutely matters. 

Two examples of why winning matters are issues that The Family Foundation is currently very involved with.  Since March, we have been working to thwart an attempt by former Governor Tim Kaine to advance the homosexual agenda by discriminating against faith based adoption agencies.  Using regulations that were intended to improve the adoption process, Kaine added language that would have forced the private agencies that facilitate 80 percent of the adoptions in Virginia to either place children with homosexuals or close their doors.  The fact is that the only reason that regulation isn’t in place today is the administration of Governor Bob McDonnell that has worked tirelessly to protect our religious liberty rights. 

We are also getting ready for the first look at proposed regulations for abortion centers in Virginia.  The State Board of Health is scheduled to vote on the regulations, which are to be made public tomorrow, on September 15.  Already Planned Parenthood and NARAL are scheduling rallies with college students to attack whatever regulations are proposed.  But the fact is, we wouldn’t even be in a position to have these regulations if pro-family, pro-life legislators in the House and Senate, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Governor McDonnell hadn’t worked together to get the bill passed. 

And remember, while the members of the Boards of Social Services and Health are appointed by Governors, whomever Governor McDonnell appoints must be approved by the Senate Privileges and Elections committee, currently controlled by one of the most liberal members of the General Assembly and an ardent pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Democrat, Janet Howell (D-32, Reston).  Her power is derived from her party being in the majority in the Senate.

Winning Matters.

The Family Foundation and Family Foundation Action have been and are currently running our Winning Matters 2011 campaign.  With staff on the ground in key districts, grassroots and pastor workshops planned, and plans to distribute thousands of voter education materials in the coming weeks, we understand the importance of November 8.  I hope you do to, and will join us in this effort.

Paid for the The Family Foundation Action.

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