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(Correction) "Who Can Beat the Democrat in November?"

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The winner of Tuesday's Republican Primary on August 23rd
will face a Democrat from Loudoun County, which makes up 74% of the
13th State Senate District.  The Democrats have carefully chosen a
candidate who is a military veteran to take on our Republican candidate.
So who is our best chance to beat the Democrat?

Military Service
  Stirrup – No service
FitzSimmonds – No service
Dick Black – Combat-wounded Vietnam Veteran who served as a Marine Corp pilot and Army JAG officer.  Dick Black is the only Republican who can go head-to-head with the Democrat's military record.

How Many General Elections Won?
Stirrup - 2
Fitzsimmonds - 0 (This is his fifth attempt at winning a seat in the General Assembly.  He has been running for office for over 15 years and has never won.)
Dick Black – 4

Elected To The General Assembly
  Stirrup - No Experience
Fitzsimmonds - No Experience
Dick Black – 8 years in the General Assembly.  He is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has ever served in the General Assembly.  VA Free recently called Dick Black a "Conservative icon" for his 8 years in office.

Tax Votes
  Stirrup - Raised Property Tax rates 63% during his time as a Supervisor*
FitzSimmonds - Never Voted; never held office
Dick Black – Never voted for a tax in eight years.  Received a 100% rating from the Fairfax Taxpayer's Alliance for his outstanding work cutting taxes and debt.

**Special note - Dick Black personally sued two Democrat governors successfully stopping 14 unconstitutional taxes by an unelected body.   He did this at great personal risk because the democrats attempted to sue him for legal fees, but failed.  In the end, Delegate Bob Marshall and Dick Black's lawsuit spared the taxpayers from 14 burdensome new taxes.

13th Senate District is 74% Loudoun and 26% Prince William County
  Stirrup - Prince William County
Fitzsimmons - Prince William County
Dick Black – Loudoun County - Dick Black is a 15-year resident of Loudoun County and resides with his wife in Leesburg.  He has represented 80,000 voters in the 13th Senate District for eight years as a Delegate while also maintaining strong ties to Prince William County and has the endorsements of many Prince William leaders.

Dick Black is our best candidate to take on the Democrat in November.  He is the only Republican candidate who can go head to head on military service, lives in Loudoun County, has won more elections than any other Republican candidate and is the only one ever elected to serve in the General Assembly.  He has passed some of the most important pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-School Choice, anti-tax, and anti-illegal immigration laws in Virginia.  His legislation built the Rt. 28 Freeway by replacing 13 stop lights with interchanges/flyovers.

These are just a few reasons why Dick Black is the most effective candidate running in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, August 23rd.   Please help us get the word out to your friends and neighbors.  With Republicans only a few seats away from taking control of the Senate, it is important we vote for Dick Black - a true Conservative icon.

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*  (1) 4/24/07 - Res#07-336, 4/29/08 - Res#08-499, 4/28/09 - Res#09-340, 4/27/10 - Res#10-336


Black For Senate
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