Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bear Witness Conference - Save The Republic - August 19th


                    Waking up America



Bear Witness Central Invites You To A Conference


Friday, August 19th at 6:30 PM, at the Cuban American Club,

5110 Lourcey Road, Jacksonville, FL


We Are In The Middle Of A Fundamental Transformation

Of The American Way Of Life

Save the Republic Before it is Too Late!



Speakers will educate us to help you understand what is happening to America and how to protect her.  From Agenda 21, the United Nations attempt to force a One World gobernment and control the U.S.;Executive Order 13575 Rural Council; information on electronic voting machines and how to prevent a fraudulent election in 2012, to food storage.  Act to Save the Republic, RSVP for this important free conference, the first of a series of conferences brought to you by Bear Witness Central.  After all speakers have presented their topics, there will be a question and answer session open to all.  Handouts and information will be available.


This is a FREE EVENT.  To help ensure adequate accommodations and a follow up reminder, please

RSVP, click  here.


Bear Witness Central   //  Jacksonville Beach, FL  //   //

   A Non-Profit Organization   Member of Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Network


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