Tuesday, February 16, 2016

To 375+ Patriots: Act2: Call the House leadership ASAP - Republican controlled General Assembly to give your revenue back to the real estate developers.


SB549 is to be heard on 2/17 and then voted on by the whole House.  Members have already apologized to me for voting for this bill.  
Our best chance to stop SB549 is to see if Bill Howell and Kirk Cox are the true leadership of the House.  I believe these two great leaders
 can protect the citizens of VA.  They can use their political capital to keep this bill from passing the House and thereby be loved by each taxpayer.

Forward this email to  DelWHowell@house.virginia.govDelKCox@house.virginia.gov       then call each of them            ...........SHARE THIS EMAIL ..............

Phone calls count more as emails are often too numerous to have an effect ..... but always email anyway .... you can reference your email in your phone call.

In Liberty.......call your House member to vote NO......................    you can still call the committee members ..... SB549 to be heard in subcommittee tomorrow

PS  Our next/final move is to give the Governor a chance to best the Republicans by vetoing this bill.

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From: John Pettengill <jlpttngll@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 10:40 AM
Subject: To 375+ Patriots: Call ASAP - Republican controlled General Assembly to give your revenue back to the real estate developers.
To: John Pettengill <jlpttngll@gmail.com>

Patriots,  The legislators below decided to give our $9 million per year that we use to maintain police, fire, roads, schools, libraries
and parks to the developers and the Home Builders Association.  They passed a "cash proffer" (SB549) bill that pretty much tells
the county treasurer either accept what the developer may offer or he can sue the county and the court will be on his side.

See House vote here     See Senate vote here        see SB549 here/confusing    ..................... SHARE THIS EMAIL ..............

As for me, Amanda Chase & Roxann Robinson both voted to give my/our county revenue to the developers.  Now if we want
 to maintain our police, fire, roads, schools, libraries and parks to the current level we will have to raise our/my real estate taxes.

Our friends Riley Ingram & Glen Sturtevant also voted for this horrible bill

We contacted members of the House and one of their comments was "I am telling my supervisors to refuse all new development."

Another member shared the House's impact study of the effect of this bill on counties and it only used a few counties and our 
Chesterfield County was not one of them.  Tell them to do a new study, a complete study

Folks, This is big business and big govt getting together to take our money, neither of them have any money of their own.

The final bill is in the House Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns .... before it makes it way to the Governor.

Please forward this email to the emails of the committee members below AND call each member and simply say

The "cash proffer" bill (SB 549) will require that most counties raise their real estate taxes, please stop this bill.

House Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns:      Call Riley Ingram (Chairman) first!!!!
Member Name District Party Capitol Phone Email
Austin, Terry L. 19 R (804) 698-1019 DelTAustin@house.virginia.gov
Bell, John J. 87 D (804) 698-1087 DelJBell@house.virginia.gov
Boysko, Jennifer B. 86 D (804) 698-1086 DelJBoysko@house.virginia.gov
Campbell, Jeffrey L. 6 R (804) 698-1006 DelJCampbell@house.virginia.gov
Collins, Christopher E. 29 R (804) 698-1029 DelCCollins@house.virginia.gov
Heretick, Stephen E. 79 D (804) 698-1079 DelSHeretick@house.virginia.gov
Herring, Charniele L. 46 D (804) 698-1046 DelCHerring@house.virginia.gov
Hodges, M. Keith 98 R (804) 698-1098 DelKHodges@house.virginia.gov
Ingram, Riley E. 62 R (804) 698-1062 DelRIngram@house.virginia.gov
Krizek, Paul E. 44 D (804) 698-1044 DelPKrizek@house.virginia.gov
Marshall, Daniel W., III 14 R (804) 698-1014 DelDMarshall@house.virginia.gov
Marshall, Robert G. 13 R (804) 698-1013 DelBMarshall@house.virginia.gov
Mason, T. Montgomery (Monty) 93 D (804) 698-1093 DelMMason@house.virginia.gov
Morefield, James W. (Will) 3 R (804) 698-1003 DelJMorefield@house.virginia.gov
Pillion, Todd E. 4 R (804) 698-1004 DelTPillion@house.virginia.gov
Poindexter, Charles D. 9 R (804) 698-1009 DelCPoindexter@house.virginia.gov
Spruill, Lionell, Sr. 77 D (804) 698-1077 DelLSpruill@house.virginia.gov
Taylor, Scott W. 85 R (804) 698-1085 DelSTaylor@house.virginia.gov
Webert, Michael J. 18 R (804) 698-1018 DelMWebert@house.virginia.gov

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