Saturday, February 13, 2016

A word of encouragement...

Patriots the time has come for us to move the ball forward at the local, state, and federal level all at the same time. The political actions of a few well connected individuals has come at a price to the future of our citizens and residents in Chesterfield County.  We the people... the time is NOW!!

As eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, I would ask once again that you re-engage and reconnect with the principles and the values that we as patriots hold so dearly.  This is a call of action is important for 2016 as the Chesterfield County Republican Committee may decide who is our next President in a brokered convention.  Chesterfield has a lion share of sway in who is selected for 4th District and 7th District delegates are who are sent to the national convention.  If Jeb Bush is your man, sit back and put up your feet up... If not, follow a few simple steps  (Inside Baseball Tip: The steps below are more important than even voting in the March 1st Primary for President because despite those results your delegate at the national convention can vote a different way in the second ballot if no one presidential candidate has a majority!!):

NOTE: No delegate/membership forms or fee payments will be accepted after 6:00 PM on March 21 2016. Postmarks do not govern.

Be sure to send it to King George himself at:

Donald C. Williams,

12107 Gordon School Road,

N. Chesterfield VA 23236

As a delegate your vote is many times more powerful than just voting on election day.

Don't let the few connected Chesterfield power brokers shape the direction of our county and country.  Sign up to be a delegate today!!

Keep in touch... we surround them! ;

Volunteers needed!

How do I volunteer or get more information? Contact us and tell us what you'd like to volunteer for or what information you would like.


  • Monitor Chesterfield School Board meetings.
  • Fight nationalizing curricula at the local level.


  • Write local letters to the editor.
  • Contribute to our websites.
  • Lead our public communications and outreach.

Monthly Patriot Programs

  • Be a speaker coordinator.
  • Participate in strategic development.
  • Be a group coordinator.

Watch the General Assembly

  • Be a Bill Reader.
  • Join a CoLA legislative action group.

Watch the Local Government

  • Monitor the Board of Supervisors.
  • Monitor the Planning Commission.

While the Republic we once knew is gone, we can restore it through our time, talents, gifts, and service.  Contact us and tell us what you'd like to volunteer for or what information you would like.

Visit Chester, VA at:

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