Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VA-ALERT: Pilot coverage of protest w/ poll and also carpooling to ODU

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1. Article in Virginian Pilot on ODU protest is upsetting the antis
2. Carpooling from Richmond area to ODU

1. Article in Virginian Pilot on ODU protest is upsetting the antis

Ron Hyson sent me a link to a just-posted Virginian-Pilot article on the VCDL protest at ODU on November 1st.

Reporter Julian Walker put together a succinct and factual article, but my, my, my the antis are beside themselves based on the comments they are posting. ;-) You know, all the usual elitist, busy-body, fear mongering distortions and lies about concealed handgun permit holders that we've all come to expect no matter what we do to improve gun laws and community safety. Blood in the streets, permit holders getting drunk and shooting up the campus, and with the world ending shortly thereafter.


There is a poll question next to the article and gun owners are currently ahead. The question is tricky, but the pro-gun answer is "OPPOSE."

"Do you support or oppose policies to prohibit holders of concealed-weapon permits [PVC: should be concealed HANDGUN permits] from bringing firearms into campus buildings?"

33% (45 votes)

66% (90 votes)

1% (1 vote)

Total votes: 136

Above is as of 12:51 AM, Tuesday, 10/25/11.


Here is the article. The link will show all the comments posted and also has the poll. Feel free to jump in with your own comments!

From the Virginian-Pilot: http://tinyurl.com/3ptjgjw

Gun rights group to hold rally at ODU's Kaufman Mall
By Julian Walker
The Virginian-Pilot

A gun rights group has planned a rally next week at Old Dominion University to protest college policies that restrict where people can carry firearms on campus.

Members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League will visit ODU's Kaufman Mall on the afternoon of Nov. 1 to lobby for weapons policies that leave "the decision to carry or not to carry and how to carry up to the individual," according to an email alert from the group Monday.

The ODU protest, organized with a college Republican group, is part of a broader VCDL push to oppose policies that prohibit holders of concealed-weapon permits from bringing their weapons into campus buildings. The gun rights group is scheduling similar protests on college campuses around Virginia.

ODU moved to update its gun policy after Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said last summer that college bans on guns in campus buildings don't override permit holders' right to carry a concealed weapon.

But regulations, he added, carry the force of law and would apply. [PVC: that force of law would be trespass if a person doesn't leave when told to.]

ODU is developing a regulation patterned after one at George Mason University that was upheld by the state Supreme Court earlier this year.

2. Carpooling from Richmond area to ODU

Paul Henick is coordinating car pools from Richmond to ODU for the VCDL protest on November 1st. If you are interested in carpooling, send me an email and I will forward it to Paul.

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