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Message from Bear Witness - Special Issue - Wall St. and the World Wide Marxist Revolution

 BEAR WITNESS - Waking up America 
Issue 145  October 20, 2011   - SPECIAL ISSUE



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If you do not know already, a planned movement has "suddenly" risen to take on the free enterprise, "capitalist" system.  The movement is world wide, taking effect in various cities throughout the U.S, such as New York, Washington D.C., Orlando and San Francisco among others; and throughout the western world in cities such as London, Frankfort, Berlin, Madrid, Athens, etc.  The movement started with "Occupy Wall Street" and rapidly added other cities and locations throughout the U.S. and Europe using the internet and social programs such as Facebook and Tweeter.  Also groups such as "Anonymous"  have entered the equation, threatening the NYC Police with removal of their internet communications. Another group called the 99% tends to purport that they are 99% of the people and make some of their demands, which may  confuse some into thinking they are right leaning, but they are far from that.  The Progressive media appears to support the movement and even President Obama has given his support verbally.  The movement seems to be backed by groups supported by George Soros that have even hired jobless people to go and protests and Rusia.  The movement appears to be a well organized, non-violent one, but events in London and other places have been extremely violent to the extent that cars have been burned, stores have been broken in, police have been scorched with Molotov cocktails and even police vans with police in them have been burned. 

One can find this movement in the U.S. to be the America-targeting element of a worldwide movement, especially popular in Old Europe.  And is of no surprise to those who have looked into the updated mode of Marxist revolution stemming from the Gramsci and Trotsky schools, Marx and Engels and others. 

This is a  planned and dangerous movement and Conservatives should stay away from this and denounce the movement.  Various important reports have been posted in our website that you should know about the Global Marxist Revolution.  


There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism-by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.    The degree of Socialism depends on how advanced is the road to Statism and Marxism.

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