Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Weeks

Dear Friend,
Since my inauguration in January of 2010, we’ve made great progress in Virginia by focusing on private sector job creation, balancing budgets by cutting spending, not raising taxes, and generating nearly $1 billion in budget surpluses by using conservative forecasting and spending less than we take in.   
We’ve made historic investments in our transportation infrastructure and higher education, again without raising taxes.  And we’re working together to reform our state government to make it more efficient, effective and user-friendly to taxpayers. 
The contrast between the results we’re achieving in Virginia to lower the unemployment rate and generate private sector job growth, and the over-taxation and over-regulation President Obama is implementing in Washington could not be more stark.  While national unemployment stands at 9.1%, in Virginia, we have the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast and the third lowest rate east of the Mississippi.

Less than three weeks from today across the Commonwealth voters will head to the polls to select their representatives to the House of Delegates and State Senate.  We have a great opportunity this year to do what’s only been done one time since Reconstruction:  elect a Republican controlled House and Senate while at the same time having a Republican in the Governors Mansion.
With less than three weeks to go in these critical elections, every mail piece, TV ad, yard sign and bumper sticker is that much more important, and we need to make sure our Republican team has the resources necessary to make history on November 8th.
Can you help?  Your generous contribution today will put our candidates that much closer to victory, and help me put Virginia on a fiscally conservative course that will continue generating private sector jobs and provide more opportunity for our citizens for years to come. 
Friend, we are facing unprecedented fiscal challenges in Richmond and across the country, so I don’t make this request of you lightly.  Your generous contribution today will help us elect candidates who will work with me to use your tax dollars wisely, focus on private sector job creation, and chart a fiscally responsible course for our Commonwealth.  
Thank you in advance for your generous help, and thank you for your continued support.
Bob McDonnell
Governor of Virginia
PS – the economic challenges we’re facing in Virginia today are being compounded by reckless spending and expansion of government under President Obama. To make sure we can pass the most fiscally responsible policies in Richmond to ensure that Virginia remains the best state for business and can attract more private sector jobs, it is critical that we retake the Virginia State Senate and increase our Republican majority in the House of Delegates. Your contribution today will help us do just that, and I thank you for your generosity and support.

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