Monday, October 31, 2011



Pat Mullins, Chairman


As everyone knows, today is Halloween and at some point you will probably get an email/web-video from the Democrats about how scary/repulsive/extreme/radical every Republican on the face of the earth is.

It's nothing new.  From a party that has run out of ideas we have come to expect nothing but fear mongering and desperate attacks from the Democrats.

It would have been easy for us to do a Halloween themed video highlighting the Democrats who last week said that only the government can create jobs, or show all of their candidates who are calling for higher taxes like the gas tax, sales tax, or a tax for every mile you drive, or demonstrate that they can only focus on divisive issues.

But frankly, it's kind of sad.  Voters have overwhelmingly rejected their spend more, borrow more, tax more agenda and all they've got left is divisive personal attacks and fear mongering.

In just over a week Virginians will be heading to the polls to elect the men and women who will come to Richmond to keep our Commonwealth on the right track.  I think the choice is simple.

Will we elect Republicans who will work with Governor Bob McDonnell to create jobs, grow our economy, keep taxes low, and move Virginia forward?

Or, will we elect Democrats who stand with Barack Obama and his spend more, borrow more, tax more agenda?

I ask that you consider making a donation to help us defend our Republican candidates who will be attacked by the Democrats today.  Your grassroots donation of $25, $10, or even $5 can help us win this November.

On to victory,

Pat Mullins, Chairman
Republican Party of Virginia

P.S.  We know the Democrats will use some sort of Halloween attack today to claim that you, me, and every other Republican on the face of the earth is scary/repulsive/radical/extreme.  They can't help themselves.  But you can help fight back... and win.  Your $25, $10, or $5 grassroots donation will go a long way.  Click here to help today



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