Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be Encouraged!

True Patriots are nothing more than an extended Family, Its time for Action

A message to all members of Patriot Familys

Howdy all!  Did you see the debate?  I was thinking that this time there would be some honest debate, but all they did was bicker.  Personally, I sided with the viewpoint of less filling, although there was a large contingent of those who loved the great taste.


Any hoo,...


Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of thewise bring healing. ~ proverbs 12:18

The construction applied... to those parts of the Constitution of the United States which delegate Congress a power... ought not to be construed as themselves to give unlimited powers, nor a part to be so taken as to destroy the whole residue of that instrument. ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1798


OK.  Who watched the debate on CNN?  Did you get it?  There was less debate on candidates positions then gotchas at each other.  They went after Cain, they went after Romney, they went after Bachmann.  Heck at one point they went after Anderson Cooper!  How can you decide on who will be the President?  At least Michelle stated what was probably the best fact of the night, when she said that at least one of them would be the next president.  Newt gotcha'd Cooper.  When they weren't doing it to each other, Romney and Perry went after Cain as well.  And finally, Cain went after the apples and oranges.  But where was the substance of their positions?  Where are their improvements over the last debates?  My opinion is that only one had any improvement in message.  That would be Cain.   I like Cain, but am not yet ready to commit.  Cutting remarks, that is all I heard.  And of course the host allowed, almost begged for conflict.  That is no debate.  That is a high school class left in the hands of an inept substitute teacher.  My opinion, Cain won the debate by default; no one with a message showed up except for him.  They did know what was wrong with their opponents' plans, but couldn't see the holes in theirs.  Also, they all,except Cain talked of their plan,without substance.  My plan, my plan, my plan it will,... and .... and then,..  I've heard better arguments coming from 7 month old grand daughter and the old dog.  It's time for them to lay down all of their plans.  And I would like to see some detail.  I hate when they say my plan which will be out next week, etc.  Without a plan to read and absorb, they leave the door open for the argument laid out by Jefferson today.  We cannot allow the Constitution to be used as a tool by congress as unlimited power.  As I've stated recently, every one of our nations problems can be traced to an issue that is tied to the Constitution.  So we need to shore up the Constitution, give it strength, BACKBONE!  And cull the messages of unity that appear weak.

 Now is the time we must all realize that it's our job to figure out who is the best, on our own.  So research these people who want gainful employment that we will pay for.  Find out who they really are.  Sift through the cutting remarks, and find the wise words that can offer the healing of a nation, and a world, but more importantly, our Constitution.


Take care, God bless, and pray for Israel.  With the release of the thousand prisoners, they are at a higher risk of attack, now that the exchange has occurred.


Tom Kiley

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