Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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To All Members:
Breaking News, Virginia! Michael Farris, Head of the Convention of States Project, will debate Delegate Bob Marshall on the merits of using Article V to rein in our runaway federal government! This event is being co-sponsored by the Manassas Tea Party. August 28th, 7:00 p.m. Location TBD (in the Manassas area). Spread the word!
Delegate Marshall was the outspoken Delegate that spoke out against the Convention of States last year and convinced the other 62 Delegates to vote against it. God has heard our prayers. This is a divine Miracle. I ask all of our members  to please pray from now until the night of August 28th and ask God to allow Delegate Marshall to see the good in having a Convention of States Project pass in the State of Virginia General Assembly.
God is watching and listening.  Thank you in advance for all who will say prayers for this debate to be successful.  
For Liberty, Justice and Freedom
Kathy Lee
Virginia State Director
Convention of States
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  1. Shame on you for putting our constitution in danger!
    The LEGIT tea party from 2007 does NOT approve of this.

  2. It's insanity to call for such a convention of states, aka a Constitutional Convention. There are NO rules for a ConCon. Anything could be brought up. Don't u know there's a New Constitution just waiting for a Con Con? Do you think our socialistic public officials wouldn't jump at the chance to replace our U.S. Constitution. Listen to Bob Marshall. He's a patriot who understands.