Sunday, August 19, 2012

Virginia State Board of Elections : Voter ID Requirements in Virginia

Virginia State Board of Elections : Voter ID Requirements in Virginia: "There have been recent changes made to Virginia's voter identification laws. Virginia voters are reminded that state law requires all voters to provide an acceptable form of identification (ID) at the polls. Voters arriving to the polls without ID will be required to vote a provisional ballot and will have until noon on the Friday after the election to deliver a copy of identification to their locality's electoral board in order for their provisional ballot to be counted. Please see below in "Provisional Ballot Process for Voters Who Arrive Without Identification" for more information on how the provisional ballot process will work for those arriving to the polls without ID.

Virginia's ID requirements also apply to absentee voters who vote in-person. Please see below in "Special Federal ID Requirements for Certain First Time Voters" for other potential special cases for first-time voters."

Acceptable forms of identification include the following:
  • Virginia voter identification card
  • Valid Virginia driver's license
  • Military ID
  • Any Federal, Virginia state or local government-issued ID
  • Employer issued photo ID card
  • Concealed handgun permit
  • Valid student ID issued by any institution of higher education located in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck indicating the name and address of the voter
  • Social Security card (*please see below as the social security card does not satisfy special federal ID requirements)
A voter who does not bring an acceptable ID to the polls will be offered a provisional ballot. A voter who requires assistance to vote by reason of physical disability or an inability to read or write, if he so requests, may also be assisted in completing this ballot.
Don't have one of these forms of ID? All Virginia active registered voters will be mailed a new Virginia voter identification card prior to the November 2012 General Election. If you are not registered but are eligible for registration, please register today and a voter information card will be mailed to you by your local general registrar's office after your application has been processed.
If you need assistance, please call us at 804-864-8901 or toll free at 800-552-9745, TTY toll free: 800-260-3466.

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