Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Live From the RNC - Tuesday

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Day One of the GOP 2012 Convention was a mostly toned-down affair, as concerns about hurricane devastation in New Orleans mounted and most of the day's festivities were postponed.

There was still excitement to be had, however, and a small and determined cadre of delegates turned out for a brief official session. Townhall's Katie Pavlich was in the arena hall and summed up the day's proceedings.

Today, the session will start in full at 2pm when Chairman Reince Priebus gavels the session in. Among the highlights for today are speeches by Romney surrogate John Sununu, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Speaker John Boehner, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Artur Davis and Nikki Haley. The keynote speeches will be delivered by Ann Romney and Chris Christie as the convention closes out. Check Guy Benson's summary of events for more.

Townhall Columnist Mona Charen argues that "this convention matters," and that this year's RNC is the best time for voters to find out more about Mitt Romney as an alternative to Barack Obama.

While it may seem like an overwrought story at this point, Townhall's Kevin Glass runs down the details of how the protests of the RNC are shaping out, complete with viscerally-disturbing photos of the protesters.

Guy Benson caught up with Chairman Reince Priebus for an exclusive interview, including what Chairman Priebus thought of the now-simmering Priebus-Chris Matthews feud. If a judge were watching that, however, it'd be Priebus with a knockout.

Katie Pavlich interviewed Congressman Darrell Issa, and got to discover what the congressman thought of rumors that his Fast and Furious investigation are completely partisan. See what he said, and what he thinks of further investigations, right here.

Townhall columnist David Stokes wrote that this is "Mitt's Moment" and that this is the biggest stage yet on which Romney can pitch himself to the American people.

Make sure to keep up with everything that Townhall is doing live on the ground in Tampa on Townhall.com, and follow along at our special GOP 2012 convention coverage page!

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