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August 26, 2012



Dear Patriot Friends:


Earlier this month we emailed you The "REACH OUT TO HISPANICS PROJECT" letter we sent to Tea Party and Conservative organizations across the country. Please add those logos to the home-page of your organization. It will be a permanent source of information for Hispanics reading your website.  We mentioned that the time has arrived to reach out to Americans beyond the conservative circles in a decisive and direct way using all means possible and in non-traditional ways. We have only about 10 weeks to the election that will either take America into a direction where there is no return or will restore our Republic.  We need to reach out to those that do not get the truth.


We are sending you the link of The Villages Tea Party for you to see what they have implemented in their website. ( They placed our logo (Libertad USA) and also created a tab called HISPANOS where a news page in Spanish can be read daily. If you add a similar tab and page to your website we can send you Spanish news to post each day. 


Please see below an example of the news we publish daily in The Villages Tea Party website. This is critical information that needs to be known by the Hispanic community prior to the election.



Paul Kengor PhD, autor de El Comunista, una Biografía de Barack Obama. Su juventud, su mentor y ardiente comunista, Frank Marshall Davis. Kengo ha escrito un importante artículo para el American Spectator. David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett Parece ser que no sólo Obama estaba conectado a Frank Marshall Davis, pero también dos de sus más allegados amigos y consejeros de su mayor confianza, … [Lea mas...]


Another way to deliver the message to Hispanics around the country is using Social Media to post information in websites frequently visited by them. This can be accomplished responding to blogs and posting on Facebook or twitter. The sites most read by Hispanics in the U.S. are Univision, Yahoo in Spanish, Huffpost voces, NBC Latino and CNN in Spanish. All of them bias liberal sites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We also identified the most popular political sites used by American readers. This link will show you those sites ( As you can see The Huffington Post is the most read political site in the country. This is bad news for us. We need to post conservative information in these sites to overcome the influence and lies of the liberal media. We can provide information in English from Bear Witness ( and Spanish from Libertad USA ( to be posted in all these sites.


It is crucial we inform and educate several segments of the population in the next few weeks in order to win the election in November. These groups include Hispanics, Blacks, evangelical groups and young people. Given the limited time left prior to the election the only way we can accomplish this goal across the country is using social media tools available through the internet. It is free, fast and effective. As Part of our "REACH OUT TO HISPANICS PROJECT" and "RESTORING FREEDOM IN AMERICA" we do this daily and we have had a very positive response. Please join us in this project to save America.


Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn about the process and if you have any questions. We can send you the information for you to post and educate large segments of Americans and Americans of Hispanic descent starting today. 


Contact us at









Provide the conservative information to Hispanics by telling them about Libertad USA


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