Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday's Top News: A Three-State Sweep Yet Another Sign of a Romney Rally

Today's Top Stories

A Three-State Sweep Yet Another Sign of a Romney Rally

By Alex Altman

Romney's imposing delegate lead meant the race was all but locked up going into Tuesday night

Will High Gas Prices Bring on Another Summer of the 'Staycation'?

By Brad Tuttle

It's wise to vacation this summer close to home, or perhaps without even leaving home

Why the U.S. May Be Secretly Cheering a Muslim Brotherhood Run For Egypt's Presidency

By Tony Karon

U.S. official are "untroubled and even optimistic about the Brotherhood's reversal of its pledge not to seek the presidency"

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By Adam Sorensen

The political press corps calls an end to the GOP primary. The Wisconsin exit polls back them up. A good delegate projection tells us it’s over, even if Romney could fall 22 short of a majority. Dave Weigel votes for Jon Huntsman by process of elimination. The 5th Circuit gets involved in the judicial-political spin [...]

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Quotes of the Day

"It sounded like a bomb hit. And we hit the floor, and everybody was praying."
Arlington, Texas resident, on Tuesday's tornadoes that pummeled homes and left thousands without power across North Texas


A Brief History of New York City Taxi Cabs

As NYC unveils the taxicab of the future Time looks back at the history of the yellow cab.

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