Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be Encouraged!

True Patriots are nothing more than an extended Family, Its time for Action

Howdy all!  I got to know, when is the last time you read a newspaper article or web story headline that was completely positive?  Whether it's a bad story about nature (tornado, earthquake) or political (marxists, shooting someone, taxes) no one leads their stuff off with a good story.  So, to break tradition, I would like to start this with a brief statement:


Any hoo (as in WOO HOO!!)

So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable.  Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. ~ 1 Corinthians 16:13

There is no good government but what is republican.  That the only valuable part of the British constitution is so; for the true idea of a republic is 'an empire of laws, and not of men.'  That as a republic is the best of governments, so that particular arrangement of the powers of society, or in other words, that form of government which is best contrived to secure an impartial and exact execution of the law, is the best of republics. ~ John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776

Although there are still 3 individuals vying for the candidacy of the republican presidential nominee, it does appear that one has a distinct lead over the others.  And I may not be the first to say this, but I will say it anyway.  Mitt Romney has got to come to my way of thinking to get my vote.  If he or the GOP believe that just because Willard gets the GOP nod the registered GOP voters will be lemmings, then they have a problem.  I watch in the news and on political sites how the GOP minimize the effect of the tea party.  And as a county delegate, I watched in real time how the local GOP/RINO's gave no respect to anyone showing true conservative values.  Sure, everyone calls Romney a true conservative, but I can say the same thing about Obama.  I mean he is meticulous in conserving his political butt on a daily basis.  So it depends on the context of the discussion to understand if Romney is conservative or not.  Bottom line, our republic needs us all.  As Adams said, 'for the true idea of a republic is "an empire of laws, and not of men".'  And a government best contrived to secure an impartial and exact execution of the law is the best republic.  Well, I can't say that the present group of federally elected employees live up to that standard.  Not by a long shot.  And they want to keep their cozy leather backed chairs in their pretty little offices we taxpayers pay for.  So they will come to you and me and say the most splendid of things, make the most gracious offers of camaraderie, while at the same time denigrate those that oppose them, even in their own party.  They all still believe the tea party was an anomaly, a fad like the hula hoop, or mini skirts.  Well let me tell you, I can still find national hula hoop contests, and I just saw a picture today of Jennifer Lopez looking great in a mini skirt.  So I guess some fads never go away. 

The tea party is not a fad.  It's a name, a moniker, a logo.  It is not a title.  It is a description of ideals that true conservative right/center Americans have had, and have passed down for generations over the last 236 years.  Ideals of love of God, country, family and neighbors.  Fads fade away.  The ideals labeled as tea party will never go away.  And those who believe in those ideals will never go away.  Because this country is ours.  This government is ours.  The federally elected employees are exactly that; our employees.  They have somehow changed the concept that they are in charge.  For a long time we bought off on that change.  Like con men, they got us to believe we need them to control us.  Well, that may have been true in the past, and shame on us for allowing it.

We have been gifted by God certain unalienable rights.  Our founders wrote the Constitution to guarantee a republican form of government.  It's true, see Article IV section 4.  It's the only place in the entire Constitution (amendments included) where you will find the word guarantee.  But as Ben Franklin said it's up to us to keep it.  Our present federally elected employees are doing everything they can to take that guarantee away from us, bit by bit.  We must not let them.  It is up to us, you, me, Bill, Mary, Todd, Ismael, Jack, Maureen, Chris, David, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  All of us need to be strong and immovable.  We must work hard for this republic, this gift from God.  It is He who gives us the strength.  It doesn't matter which faith you believe, your faith is a faith in God, believed in the manner of your choosing.  But be enthusiastic in your work, for nothing you do for Him is ever useless.  Amen, brothers and sisters!

Take care, God bless,


Tom Kiley

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