Monday, April 30, 2012

E.W. Jackson Wins First Debate. 44 Days Left To Join The Winning Team!

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E.W. Declared Winner of Debate. There Are 44 Days Left To Let Everyone Know!

As the campaign manager for Bishop E.W. Jackson, I should have been nervous about the debate Saturday afternoon in Roanoke. But, I wasn't nervous at all.


I have seen E.W. speak to groups countless times now and what happened in Roanoke on Saturday is what happens every time he speaks; he wins the day. While each campaign always claims victory in these sorts of events, E.W. wowed the crowd as he always does and now everyone is starting to take notice.


According to the news blog website Virginia Right (, "Republican Candidate for US Senate Bishop E.W. Jackson won the first of three debates that the Republican Party of Virginia has planned between now and the Republican Primary on June 12, 2012. Jackson's enthusiasm and charisma was in full display as this man of humble beginnings has gone from a foster child to candidate for the United States Senate."


Other media outlets agreed.


According to the website, the "candidate who helped himself the most today (was) E.W. Jackson. He proved to be a forceful speaker and on par with Bob Marshall at tossing out humorous, yet true statements. (He) seemed to be the crowd favorite."


Things are going great, but the stark reality is that we only have 44 days to get the rest of the voters in Virginia the message that the best choice in this race is E.W. Jackson. BUT TO GET THAT MESSAGE OUT WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. CLICK HERE AND PROVIDE THE MOST GENEROUS DONATION YOU CAN SO OUR TEAM CAN REACH AS MANY VOTERS AS WE CAN ABOUT E.W. JACKSON.. 


It's not just conservative websites that are on board, the mainstream media is also noticing that E.W. Jackson is a formidable candidate. According to the Richmond Times Dispatch , in their article titled "Fiery Jackson Makes Impression at GOP U.S. Senate Debate: "If there was any surprise at today's Republican U.S. Senate debate in Roanoke, it was the performance of little-known candidate and Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson.


E.W. showed what his supporters already know; that he is the G.O.P candidate to beat Tim Kaine and help defeat Barrack Obama in November. The only thing separating us from victory is awareness. Once voters see E.W. Jackson speak on the issues, the case for voting for E.W. becomes very clear.


We need to get him in front of as many voters as possible; we need to get the message out to enough voters to win on June 12. There is very little time and frankly, we need a lot of money to reach those voters. Please give a generous donation today. Give as much as you can as often as you can to give E.W. a chance to reach more voters with his message of hope for America so that he can be our next Virginia Senator. Click here to donate Now!


Help us get the word out today with a generous donation! Become an Ambassador for Jackson. Even $20 a month (starting today) through June will go along way to helping us win this race. Plus there are other practical things you can do to help. Click here for more information.


E.W. Jackson is truly a grassroots phenomenon. He is the only candidate in this race who is not a long-term political player. His staff is almost entirely a volunteer based organization. We believe in him enough to sacrifice our own money and time to help.


We were told we would never make it on the ballot. And here we are.


We were told we couldn't compete. Well, we just won the first debate.


All we need is a wider level of funding and we can shock the political world and send a real patriot to D.C. who will fight every day for the ideals you hold so dear. E.W. will lead this fight, but he needs you behind him. Let's roll up our sleeves today and help E.W. Jackson become the leader Virginia needs at this critical moment in history. Give today and help us Fix Washington Now! 


For God And Country,

Greg Aldridge 


P.S. We will have footage available of the debate later this week. Stay tuned to see more of what all the pundits are talking about.


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